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Did Winner's Song Mino and Lee Seunghoon do as well as GD & Taeyang?

From March 12-13, Winner held its first ever exclusive concert in Seoul. I was there, and the boy group showed great performance.

By the way, it was notable that the two talented members, Song Mino and Lee Seunghoon covered "Good Boy" of Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang, who are the senior idol stars of them. Well, my thoughts about the performance?(Of course, I watched GD & Taeyang's live performance before) Mino and Seunghoon did good but they were inferior to GD & Taeyang, frankly speaking. As is well known, Mino is a great rapper but GD's stage presence was better, while Seunghoon had hard time during the performance due to lack of singing ability.(However, throughout the concert, Mino stood out from the rest of the Winner members. He certainly is one of the most competitive idol rappers)

After the performance, Kim Jinwoo sang GD's "Crooked," and it was quite impressive that the quiet and shy boy showed such a dynamic performance.(Even though he was not better than GD, of course) He reenacted GD's every single move on stage and showed off his fresh charm.

Some of you might think I underestimate Winner's ability. But no, not at all. Winner is really talented and there are few kpop idol groups who are better than the team.(You know, Big Bang is just unrivaled)

Midway the concert, Winner performed OST of tvN's drama "Reply 1988," and the performance was really good. Kang Seung Yoon played a guitar and the rest members showed an impressive vocal & rap performance. Nam Taehyun sang songs with his sweet voice, while Kim Jinwoo acted his part well too. 

Throughout the concert, the members tried to give so many different gifts to their fans. They performed Psy's "Napal Baji" and opened their autograph letters too. It was an interesting concert, and I hope the boy group will hold its exclusive concert soon again.

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