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Apink Eunji's Solo Debut: 3 Reasons Why her Success is Guaranteed

At the back end of last year, Apink's agency, A-Cube Entertainment, was taken over by LOEN Entertainment, and after that, A-Cube Entertainment changed its name into "Plan A Entertainment." Well, frankly speaking, it is a great thing for Apink that the agency cut off its relations with Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment is dying due to various reasons, and I can't say the company is one of the most competitive kpop agencies any more. On the contrary, LOEN Entertainment has been in a strong uptrend, while it also has the largest Korean online music platform, Melon. Eunji's solo album is Plan A Entertainment's first project since the agency was taken over by LOEN Entertainment, and it is expected that LOEN Entertainment will give full support to Eunji.

No doubt, Eunji is one of the most competitive kpop idol vocalists. I'm sure she is among the top 5 female kpop vocalists. Yeah, she sings very well. She has an attractive and characterful voice, while she is good at hitting the high notes. She was born with talents, and she practiced hard for her dream, too. When idols release their solo albums, some of them experience a huge failure because they're not competent to perform alone on stage. But, how about Eunji? You don't need to worry about her failure at all because she has a proven singing ability.

Eunji is a member of popular girl group Apink and the best singer among the members. That's why it is kind of surprise that Eunji didn't release her solo album until 5 years after she debuted. However, this will work to her advantage. The public always look for something new. Eunji's image as a solo singer is not consumed yet, and she will be able to show off some fresh charm as a kpop singer even though it has been 5 years since her debut.
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