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Girls' Generation reflects on its achievement as a 8-member girl group

On November 22, Girls' Generation held its exclusive concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park in Seoul. At the concert, Girls' Generation electrified audience by performing a total of 26 songs including its hits such as 'Gee', 'Run Devil Run', 'Mr. Mr,', and 'Lion Heart'. By holding this concert, the girl group became the first kpop girl group who held four exclusive concerts in Korea.

Just before their concert, the Girls' Generation members attended a press conference and stated their feelings about meeting their fans through an exclusive concert again. They looked to be proud of themselves for having done great job as a 8-member group, and they eventually broke down in tears at the end of the concert. You know, Girls' Generation achieved great things in 2015, while it was the first time for the girl group to hold an exclusive concert without its former member Jessica.(When I met them right after they released 'Party', I sensed their strong will to achieve something. And well, they did it)

Check out what the members talked about the year 2015 and their exclusive concert.

2015 was very very busy year. Since I was featured as a singer in f(x) Amber's solo album, there has never been any empty moments in my day. Actually, the happiest I am is when I’m at work. It was a novelty to release my solo album for the first time, but I feel much better when I'm with the Girls' Generation members.

Even though it's been months since we wrapped up Girls' Generation's activity, we still talk about our time together. I was very happy and excited. I have many happy memories of 2015. And we still have a present for our fans. Girls' Generation TTS' album will be released in December. The work is nearly completed. 

We've promoted our album with three title songs and worked hard all-year-around. 2015 is a memorable year. The more I take part in an exclusive concert, the more I feel relaxed on the stage. I think I've learned how to communicate with the audience.

I filmed a movie in China and has been busy as a member of Girls' Generation in 2015. And I can't forget about our promotional activities of 'Lion Heart' and appearance in a reality program.

I was really happy when we were preparing for our activities of 'Party' and 'Lion Heart'. Our teamwork was better than ever. It was perfect.

It was an unforgettable experience that I hosted a radio show as a DJ. Now I try to focus on the concert and the concert will be the most memorable experience in 2015.

It's an honor to hold fourth exclusive concert in Korea for the first time as a kpop girl group. I think we have built up brand power of Girls' Generation. Hopefully, we will be able to our exclusive concert every year. It was so happy and joyful to prepare for the concert with the members.

All the members have been busy doing individual activities, but we focused on our team activity when we were together. Even though we didn't have much time to prepare for the concert, we could do it because we have a great teamwork.

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