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Jun Jihyun, Park Shinhye and Min Hyorin's Real Personality

Who's your favorite Korean actress? Well, here are 3 representative hallyu actresses, Jun Jihyun, Park Shinhye, and Min Hyorin. Yeah, Jun Jihyun and Park Shinhye are recognized hallyu stars, while some of you might disagree with including Min Hyorin in the 3 representative hallyu actresses. But, as you know, she is Big Bang Taeyang's girl and I think many people are interested in her. Anyway, I've interviewed all of them and I'd like to talk about the 3 actresses' real personality.

Jun Jihyun is beautiful. Everyone who sees her in person says she's a goddess. She has small face and long legs. And she has an elegant atmosphere. I don't know if it was intended, but she was absolutely different from ordinary people when she talked and acted. Yeah, she talks and acts like a real celebrity. As she shows her pride and elegance when she is interviewed, some say they feel distance from her. However, it doesn't mean she is pretentious. When she is with the people she is close to, she enjoys having a joke and laughing just like her drama character, Cheon Song Yi.

Unlike Jun Jihyun, Park Shinhye doesn't act like a celebrity at all.(It doesn't mean Jun Jihyun is a bad person and Park Shinhye is a good person) When she is interviewed, she readily communicate with the interviewer and tries to speak her true feelings. She's polite, lively, and easygoing. Actually, there's little difference between her character in TV dramas and her real self. She is so loved by people in the entertainment business because she has not changed at all since she debuted as a child actress long time ago. When I interviewed her, she called me "Sweaty Jung" because I sweated like a pig.

Min Hyorin is a doll-faced actress. She looks cold, but her character is diametrically opposed to it. When I interviewed her, I was favorably impressed by her because she was polite and innocent. She acted amiably, and she laughed readily too. The interesting is that I got a similar impression by Taeyang when I interviewed him. They're a really good match. I think it's unfortunate that the pretty actress couldn't get enough support from her agency after she debuted.

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