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IU's Letter to SHINee's Jonghyun

On October 18, IU made a guest appearance in SHINee Jonghyun's solo concert held SMTOWN COEX ARTIUM. The two talented young artists showed an impressive performance by singing a duet, while IU opened her letter to Jonghyun. They have been maintaining a close relationship since they debuted, sharing their views on music. So, let's see what IU talked about Jonghyun.

It was "Immortal Songs," right? We became acquainted with each other at the program. As we debuted around the same time, we had similar worries, similar desires, and similar dreams. Both of us are 8th-year idols in our mid-20s who have many things we want to prove. And we are workaholics who constantly write and sing to search for the real existence of ourselves, while we always have been extremely overrated or underrated. We have so much in common, don't we? That's why I understand you and I'm rooting for you even though I think you need to slow down sometimes. However, it seems that you're getting thinner, and I hope you will think about your health too. We do different genres of music and perform on different stages, but I'll cheer for you nearby. Have all the things you want to have, do all the things you want to do, and prove all the things. The one who works really hard can achieve everything.
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