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Apink Jung Eunji felt out of place with her high school friends

On October 2, a press conference for Apink Jung Eunji's upcoming new drama 'Cheer Up' was held in Seoul. In the drama, Eunji will play high school student Kang Yeon Du, who loves to dance. Let's see what she talked about her drama and character at the press conference.

Q. You take the leading role of your drama again. How do you feel?
Eunji: I think I'm still lacking in many things. When I took the leading role of 'Trot Lovers', I was really frightened. I'm not sure I can lead the whole drama. I have many worries. Fortunately, 'Cheer Up' is a drama about high school students and it hasn't been long since I graduated high school.

Q. How is your character different from other high school student characters in dramas such as Dream High's Go Hyemi played by Miss A Suzy?
Eunji: After being cast in 'Cheer Up', I looked into high school student characters in various dramas. Some of them were unyielding, while others were so positive. However, my character, Kang Yeon Du is different. She is a nerd but has assertive attitude. She is outspoken when she sees anything unjust.

Q. How do you feel about wearing a school uniform?
Eunji: I recently appeared on 'Off to School' and wore a school uniform then too. When I was a student, I didn't like to wear a school uniform, but I feel great in my school uniform these days. I feel like I am back in my school days.

Q. Do you have anything in common with your character?
Eunji: When I was a middle school student, I wanted to go to high school of the arts, but I couldn't due to family circumstances. After entering high school, I felt out of place with my friends because I was always listening to music when they studied. The character is similar to me. She feels out of place with her friends too and she loves to dance just like me who really wanted to do music.

Q. What do you care about the most when you play the character?
Eunji: As she is daring and bad at her books, I think all I need to do is to act as I usually do, haha.

Q. Isn't it hard to do street dance and cheerleading in the drama?
Eunji:  I've never taken a regular dance lesson before. Street dance is totally different from singing and dancing as an idol. I think street dance is really difficult, but it's interesting too. As I'm focusing on street dance now, I didn't start to learn cheerleading yet.

Q. What's your goal as an actress?
Eunji: I want to be an actress who can touch people. I hope many people will empathize with my acting.

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