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Monsta X says it will learn many things from iKON

On September 7, Monsta X made a comeback with its second mini album 'Rush'. The album has a total of 6 songs including the title track 'Rush', while the title song is about a man who tells a woman not to take her eyes off him. After releasing the album, the 7 Monsta X members held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about their new album.

Q. So, it is your second mini album. How do you feel about the album?
Minhyuk: We've been hard at work on the album. We're confident of the album, and I hope many fans will enjoy the performance.
Wonho: During our hiatus, I really wanted to make a comeback as soon as possible. I'm so excited now.
Hyungwon: I was so nervous before holding the showcase, but I feel relaxed now.

Q. Tell me about the title track 'Rush'.
I.M: When I listened to the song for the first time, I thought it is really excellent song. The song is like shrimp snack. Once you start listening to the song, you won't want to stop it.
Kuhyun: Through the song, we attract a woman. The song is more cheerful and exciting than our debut song 'Trespass'.

Q. When do you realize that you've become popular?
Wonho: Actually, we don't. I think we will be able to realize our popularity if we become a candidate for No.1 spot on music chart shows.
Minhyuk: As we don't go out and always practice at our company, we can't realize our popularity.

Q. Jooheon, you appeared on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money 4'. How was it?
Jooheon: I've learned a lot from the program. When I was eliminated from the tournament, it was heartbreaking. But I could think about my past mistakes and why I failed. I have many things to show in the future.

Q. I.M, you are a rapper too. Don't you want to appear on 'Show Me The Money'?
I.M: If I have a chance, I want to. I want to show people what I have.

Q. Jooheon, do you think I.M will do good job in the tournament of 'Show Me The Money'?
Jooheon: The atmosphere of the tournament was really cold. I think the most important thing is self-confidence. If he feels confident, he will be able to advance to the finals.

Q. What was the hardest thing about preparing for your new album?
I.M: Jooheon and I took part in writing lyrics of 'Rush', but we had no enough time. We had to write the lyrics in our car when we were on the move, and we had to reduce our sleep. 
Kihyun: We modified our choreography more than 10 times. Whenever the choreography was modified, we had to learn new choreography.

Q. Juheon, you finally took off your snapback. You won't wear your snapback any more?
Juheon: I never took off my snapback when I performed 'Tresspass'. So some people said that the snapback might be fixed on my head. Anyway, I took it off and had my hair dyed.

Q. What kind of attraction do you want to accentuate through your new song?
Kihyun: We will show mischievous performance with a roguish smile. We will jump and play around cheerfully on stage.
Hyungwon: Yeah, that's how we usually spend time with each other.

Q. As you know, YG's new boy group iKON is going to debut soon. It seems that you have to face against the group. What do you think of it?
Minhyuk: I think their concept is different from ours. I don't think about competition. I just want to go together with them because we are different.
Kihyun: I think we can learn many things from the team. I hope we will be able to learn a lot.

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