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Interview with Block B Park Kyung: He talks about the relationship among the members

Q. You released your first ever solo single 'Ordinary Love'. When did the preparations for the song begin?
Park Kyung: It was last December. Actually, I really hoped to work with jazz hip hop artist Kero One, who took part in writing the song. I told him that I want to work with him, and we worked on our music through e-mail.

Q. Tell me about the song 'Ordinary Love'.
Park Kyung: You know, Block B usually does maniac hip hop music. However, I wanted to release lyrical music as a solo singer. I always write a memo whenever new themes of songs come into my mind. The lyrics of 'Ordinary Love' are from my memo too. People learn about each other, love each other and part from each other. That's 'Ordinary Love'.

Q. Park Boram is featured in the song as a singer. Is there any reason for that?
Park Kyung: I really like the melody line of the song's intro. I thought that the repeated melody line should be sung by a female singer. I asked my agency if Park Boram can take part in the song. She did a great job.

Q. So, what did you learn by your first solo album?
Park Kyung: It's true that I settled for the present when I was active as a member of Block B. But during my hiatus, I realized that I should build up brand power of myself. I've been always confident in my music but I had no chance to show it. Starting from now, I'll try hard to let people know about my music.

Q. Block B got into trouble several times since you debuted in 2011. Do you feel uncomfortable about it?
Park Kyung: Well, when I filmed 'Problematic Man', I was leaning on my one foot. But suddenly it came into my head that it can be an issue. I even asked Jeon Hyun Moo if it is OK to stand in such a position. I think I feel uncomfortable about how people see me.

Q. It has been 4 years since you debuted. What can be said about the relationship among the Block B members?
Park Kyung: We take care of each other. For example, I hate that someone wakes me up when I'm sleeping. That's why the members try to be quiet when I'm sleeping. And my room mate Taeil hates that someone touches his clothes. So I always care about it. You know, the fight starts with a trivial misunderstanding.

Q. I heard that you've dropped out of Block B before your debut.
Park Kyung: Yeah, in the past, I was strong-hearted and never tried to read other people's mind. However, my agency said that I'm not gonna be Block B's member and I should be the leader of another idol group. It was my first time to experience failure in my life. It hurt me and I changed. I just laid in bed, refusing all food and drink. I care much about other people these days. Some say I became mature but others say it's cowardly of me.

Q. What's your goal as a singer?
Park Kyung: There are 3 options for idols. Those are entertainment program, drama, and music. For me, music is the way to go. I have a great deal to offer. I want to win recognition from the public as a singer. And I want to do music now and forever.

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