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CNBLUE talks about people's bias against itself

CNBLUE made a comeback with its 2nd full album '2gether'. The album has a total of 11 tracks, while the title song 'Cinderella' is a pop rock number which includes attractive electronic elements. On September 14, CNBLUE held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about its first album in a year and 7 months.

Q. You released your new album after a long hiatus. How do you feel?
Jungshin: It was so interesting to prepare for our comeback. It feels great that we became the sixth-year band.
Jonghyun: When we were making our new songs, I thought that we will be able to perform live cheerfully on the stage. I wanted to say what I want to say through the lyrics.
Yonghwa: It has been a year and 7 months since we released our album, but it seemed very short.
Jungshin: Yeah, as Yonghwa released his solo album and we have been active with our individual activities, it seemed very short.

Q. It's notable that Yonghwa took part in writing many songs apart from the title track 'Cinderella'. And Jonghyun wrote songs too. 
Jonghyun: Yonghwa's songs are rhythmical and trendy. He always challenges and studies. His music is very changeable. But I like old things. I try to be faithful to the basics.
Minhyuk: Yeah, Yonghwa tries different types of work when he writes songs. Jonghyun usually writes songs with an acoustic guitar.

Q. It seems that Yonghwa has some notable achievements as a singer songwriter.
Yonghwa: I hope to travel freely to write songs but I can't. Instead, I have a habit of writing notes. When a good melody comes to me, I record it and go to the recording studio later. I wrote a total of 27 songs this year. When selecting songs to be included in the album, I discuss with the company and the members. I'm not stubborn about my songs. 

Q. It was impressive that Yonghwa bared your upper body in the music video. 
Yonghwa: I exercised steadily and I wanted to show people the result of my steady effort. My fans might not even have thought about that. But I'm now 27 years old. I just feel like it's now or never.

Q. What about your tattoo?
Yonghwa: I know we have some gentle image. But we always dream of breaking away from the routine of daily life. I wanted to get a tattoo because I didn't ever get one. Actually, the tattoo is erasable. I drew it with a pen.

Q. You played in the music video with actress Seo Eian. How was it?
Minhyuk: I think it was hard for her to act with 4 different members but she really enjoyed filming the music video. 
Yonghwa: Yeah, she worked really hard. I was embarrassed when we had to film the shaving scene as soon as we met, by the way.
Jonghyun: Actually, we had to film something like kiss scene as soon as we met her. 
Jungshin: I didn't film that kind of scene. I feel the lack of it.

Q. Some say you are not a band but an idol group.
Yonghwa: I'm free from bias. I think bands in the major and minor music scenes should cooperate with each other. We want to suggest a new direction to people who experience band music for the first time. At first, we were so nervous and afraid before performing on the stage, but we're so happy to show our performance now. Frankly speaking, there are few music shows where we can show our live performance. That's why we want to take part in a rock festival. We're ready to perform there.

Q. Did people's bias against you have an effect on your career?
Yonghwa: Some said we're not a band, and it's true that we have tried to suit our music to people's opinion. However, we just tried to do our own music this time. We played and made a change in our music in our own way.

Q. If you take No.1 ranking on music chart shows, what will you do for your fans?
Yonghwa: As Jonghyun did judo, we will show a falling technique on the stage. I will always carry a mat. It will be sad if there will no chance to use the mat, by the way.

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