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The Reason Why Kpop Agenices are Obsessed with Japanese Music Market

A large number of young people all over the world now enjoy k-pop. By the way, some of you may wonder why k-pop stars are so active in foreign music market, especially in Japanese music market. Actually, it sometimes seems that k-pop stars and their agencies are obsessed with the market. So, let's talk about the reason why k-pop stars and agencies are trying so hard to take over Japanese music market.

So, let's talk about the reason why kpop stars and agencies are trying so hard to take over Japanese music market.

K-pop stars depend on album sales, TV appearance fees, concert profits and more for their incomes. Then, what do you think are the main sources of income of k-pop stars? In case of top-rated k-pop singers, those are concert profits and sales revenues of their goods, while the latter accounts for bigger part. But, Korean domestic music market is not big enough to make sufficient money out of concerts and sales of goods because Korea has only about 50 million people and a small percentage of them are crazed about k-pop stars.

That's why k-pop stars and their agencies try to expend their business abroad. Yeah, it's all about money. And as you may know, Japan has the second biggest music market in the world, while loyal Japanese fans are usually considered to have a tendency to collect items regarding their favorite stars such as albums, photos, magazines, etc. In addition, as Japan belongs to the same cultural sphere as Korea, k-pop fans in the country accept k-pop culture very naturally and some of them even recognize k-pop stars as their local artists. So, for k-pop stars, entering Japanese music market could be very effective way to make enormous money. They release Japanese albums, hold concerts in the country and sell goods to Japanese fans, while all the big k-pop agencies generate a large portion of their sales in the Japanese music market.

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