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BEAST says its concert is like dry ice

On August 29, Beast held its exclusive concert "Beautiful Show" at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park. Before the concert, the 6 Beast members held a press conference and talked about their concert.

Q. How does it feel to hold your exclusive concert?
Dujun: It is our first concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in 2 years. I'm so excited. And I feel great because I've been counting down to today. We'll do our best.

Q. Tell me about your concert.
Dongwoon: Our concert is like dry ice. Dry ice is icy cold but it can burn us too. Through the concert, we will show our cool performance, and at the same time, we will give audience a heartwarming feeling.
Yoseob: We excluded many stage settings. Instead, we'll impress the audience with our voices. I think audience will be moved to tears when we will sing an encore.

Q. How did you prepare for your concert? All of you look so busy.
Junhyung: Actually, we did not have a lot of time to practice together as all the members were busy with individual projects. I want to send out a loud applause for the members who have been hard at work on the concert despite their hectic schedules.

Q. Were there any difficulties due to your busy schedules?
Junhyung: Like I said, as we did not have a lot of time to practice together, each member had to practice by watching a video. So, there was lack of coordination among the members. It was never easy to prepare for the concert. I'll be happy I've ever been if I can conclude the concert successfully.

Q. Is there any special performance you prepared?
Dongwoon: I will show my solo dance performance. I'm nervous because it is my first ever solo dance performance and it's not my specialty. But I think I will be able to show people another side to me. I'll try my best.
Dujun: We will perform three never before released songs. If fans like the songs, we'll release the songs officially. Please give us your interest and support.
Q. It has been 6 years since you debuted. Is there a change in your attitude toward your concert?
Gikwang: No, things remain the same. We always try to suit our environment and do our best.


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