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4 Reasons Why AOA Seolhyun Became So Popular Among Males in Korea

1. She has a natural face
There are many many beautiful Korean female celebrities, but it's true that many of them had plastic surgeries. And some of their faces look so unnatural and emotionless, which draw unwelcome attention from the public. Seolhyun succeeded in catching eyes of people by showing off her innocent and pure face among the artificial plastic beauties.

2. Perfect Body
Males usually go crazy when they see innocent but sexy woman. Seolhyun has an innocent face, but her body is curvy. On stage, she fascinates people by displaying her sexy dance moves. As she has a perfect body, she has been chosen as a model for jeans brand.

3. Full Support by FNC
Since AOA debuted in 2012, FNC Entertainment has constantly tried to make Seolhyun big star. Thanks to the full support by FNC, Seolhyun could appear on various drams and be chosen as a model for several TV advertisements. This is what kpop agencies usually do. They try to make a member of their idol group star because it can make the whole group popular. FNC is now hoping that Seolhyun will be the next Suzy.

4. AOA's Consecutive Success
AOA has been in a strong uptrend since it released 'Mini Skirt' in January 2014. After making the song a hit, the girl group won consecutive success with its hits 'Short Hair' and 'Like a Cat'. And in 2015, AOA gained another success with 'Heart Attack' even though many other famous girl groups including SISTAR, Girl's Day and Girls' Generation released their new songs around the same time. As AOA is getting famous, Seolhyun is getting more popular among male fans in Korea.


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