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Girl's Day says it's an honor to be compared with Girls' Generation

On July 6, Girl's Day held its comeback showcase at KBS Sports World in Seoul. At the showcase, the girl group performed 'Ring My Bell' for the first time and talked about its new album. The girls were beautiful and their performance was fascinating.

Q. You made a comeback after one-year hiatus. How do you feel?
Sojin: The time has passed so quickly. It's glad to make a comeback with a great song. We took much part in making our new album. It was not easy to select just one song as a title track, and I'm sure the album includes many great tracks.

Q. It has been 5 years since you debuted. I guess you are filled with emotions.
Sojin: Yeah, I think a strong friendship among the members is the driving force of Girl's Day's growth. Every member tried so hard.
Yura: Even if we suffered failure, we just thought positively. And of course, our fans are great encouragement to us.

Q. Don't you feel pressured as a fifth-year girl group?
Sojin: I think it's our responsibility to show something new whenever we release new album. We tried to meet the expectations of the public through our new album.

Q. There are so many girl groups who release their new albums in this summer. What do you think about it?
Minah: Now I can understand female fans' love of girl groups. I feel good when I see gorgeous women. I watched all the comeback teasers of other girl groups such as SISTAR and Girls' Generation. They certainly have their strengths.
Hyeri: AOA, SISTAR, APink, and Girls' Generation are all beautiful. We are also happy when we watch their performance on various music chart shows, and it's honor to release our new album around the same time.

Q. You wore sexy swimsuits in the music video of 'Ring My Bell', while the Girls' Generation members wore swimsuits in their music video too. How do you think of releasing new album on the same day of Girls' Generation's comeback?
Sojin: We wore swimsuits because we had something to express. The Girls' Generation members are so refreshing in their swimsuits. I think we're like whirlwind in our swimsuits. It's an honor to be compared with Girls' Generation.

Q. What do you think Girl's Day's strength is?
Hyeri: We attempt makeover every time. It seems that people think it is refreshing and interesting. We will show something new this time too.

Q. Hyeri, you changed your hair style.
Hyeri: Yeah, I wanted a change and insisted on changing my hair style even though there were many people who disagreed with me. If you don't like it, please do not see under my neck.

Q. It seems that many fans are looking forward to watching your upcoming new drama.
Hyeri: Yeah, I think it's such great news for me and my fans. I'm preparing to star in 'Reply 1988'. I'm really working hard on it.

Q. Yura, have you met Hong Jonghyun since you left 'We Got Married'?
Yura: We recently met by chance at a patbingsoo shop. As he hosts SBS' 'Inkigayo' and I made a comeback, we will meet again through the music chart show.

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