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BEAST's Gikwang says there's a lot he can learn from Dujun as an actor

On July 29, BEAST's Lee Gikwang attended a press conference of his upcoming drama 'Mrs. Cop'. The drama stars Kim Hee Ae, Kim Min Jong, Son Hojun and more, while Gikwang plays young policeman Lee Se Won. Let's see what Gikwang talked about his drama and acting.

Q. Tell me about your character.
Gikwang: I know I don't look like a tough guy. So I play a young policeman again this time, but I'll try to show a different side as an actor. I think the character is prudent and sexy when he works.

Q. Your team mate Yoon Dujun is active as an actor too. Do you guys usually have a talk about your drama and acting?
Gikwang: Yeah, we support each other. I watched his drama 'Let's Eat' often and he said he will watch my drama too. I think Dujun has settled as an actor successfully. He showed great performance in his drama. There's a lot I can learn from him.

Q. What's your goal as an actor?
Gikwang: Everybody knows I'm an idol. There are many idols who act but some of them are really doing great, while others are being denounced by public outcry. I always try to do a good job. I hope people will regard me as an actor not as an idol when I act in my drama.

Q. Are there any difficulties when you film 'Mrs. Cop'?
Gikwang: My senior actors help me a lot. So I gained confidence, and I feel happy when I film the drama. I think I will be able to show natural acting to TV viewers.

Yoo Insik, director of the drama, commented about Gikwang, "At first, I tried to give a special treatment to him because he is a famous idol. However, he is very friendly and acts well. And he fits the character well. He's always cheerful even in hot weather."

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