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Many kpop idols are now active not only as singers but also as actors or actresses. By appearing on various dramas and movies, idols can promote themselves and their groups. It also can be a way of planning for their later years because they can't sing and dance on stage as idol singers for ever.

Then, who do you think is the best kpop idol actor or actress? Here's 2015 kpop idol actor & actress ranking. The ranking reflects industry officials' evaluation of idols' acting skill, appearance, potential for development, etc.

"Industry officials say most of the idols have a good chance of becoming competent actors because they do not have fear of cameras. Idols have many talents and have been trained systematically for a long time. Idol actors & actresses can be roughly categorized into two. One is typical good-lookers who are handsome or beautiful enough to play main characters in dramas and movies such as Kim Jaejoong, Lee Hongki, SHINee Minho, Suzy, Yoona, etc. The other is ordinary-lookers who are not as handsome or beautiful as typical good-lookers but can play various roles with their good acting skills. Lee Joon, Lim Siwan and Apink Jung Eunji belong in this category."

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