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Son Dambi says it takes some time for her to fall in love

On June 30, Son Dambi attended a production press conference for Olive TV's new sitcom 'Yumi's Room'.(She was beautiful) In the sitcom, which is about daily life of a single woman in her 30s, she acts a fashion web editor Bang Yumi. Let's see what she talked about her love and marriage at the press conference.(Son Dambi recently made a contract with Keyeast, home to Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Yong Joon, and more, and 'Yumi's Room' is her first drama since the contract)

Q. You're 33 years old now. And Bang Yumi is in her 30s too. But it seems that some women are afraid of getting older. How did you feel when you turned 30 years old?
Dambi: I wasn't afraid of getting older, but I was a little bit anxious. After being in my 30s, nothing's changed except for my mom. She often talks about my marriage these days because most of my friends already got married. Anyway, I think I feel comfortable after being in my 30s.

Q. If a handsome man invites you to his home, will you accept the invitation?
Dambi: If I'm in my 20s and he is attractive, I accept it. However, not now. I think I'm getting more discreet with advancing years. Maybe I'm not confident.

Q. How do you attract a man?
Dambi: It takes some time for me to fall in love with somebody. Actually, I have a curt manner. I've never tempted a man before. And people say that I might have been asked out on a date many times, but it was just a few times.

Q. What do you think of living together before getting married?
Dambi: I'm afraid I might know too much about the man. Many people around me agree with living together without being legally married, but I'm concerned about it.

Q. What is your real personality like?
Dambi: People think I have a hard heart because of my appearance. However, I'm comical rather than serious. I think I'm an easy-going person.

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