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Lee Seung Gi's special present for his fans and Yoona

Lee Seung Gi made a comeback as a singer with his 6th full album on June 10. It is his first album in 2 years and 7 months, while the title track 'And Goodbye' is gaining great popularity on various online music charts. 'And Goodbye' is a rock ballad music that is about love and parting.

Honestly, Lee Seung Gi's voice is not that powerful. And his singing technique is not among the highest in the world of kpop. However, he is competitive enough as a singer because he has his own strong point.

Do you remember Park Jin Young, the judge of 'Kpop Star', said that a singer's speaking voice and singing voice should be same? He also stated that singers should sing the same way as they talk. Yeah, Lee Seung Gi is the typical example of the singer who sings the same way as he talks.

Lee Seung Gi starts singing 'And Goodbye' with his sweet voice, while emotions run wild as the song comes to the climax. Let's see a part of the song's lyrics.

The words goodbye goodbye goodbye
It doesn't mean it's the end
Because we are under the same sky
I say goodbye goodbye goodbye
But in my heart
Only you you, only you
We were together in a short time but we have many memories
I was always moved by your unchanged love
Today is not the last day
So please don't cry
Wherever you are in the world
I can find you

Isn't it touching? It has been 10 years since Lee Seung Gi debuted as a singer. Furthermore, he has to begin his mandatory military service soon. For these reasons, Lee Seung Gi tried to carry many messages through the album. He expressed his affection, thanks, and sorriness toward his fans. He also cries, "Don't forget me, don't forget me" in 'And Goodbye'.

Well, for Korean young men, joining the army is a really big thing. It causes for them unwanted separation from their families, friends, and girlfriends. Especially, it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to women they love. I finished my army service years ago too. In my case, I hugged my girlfriend and sobbed before joining the army.(Even though I don't think joining the army is a big deal any more)

Anyway, as anybody knows, Lee Seung Gi has his lovable girlfriend, Girls' Generation's Yoona, and he has to part with her soon. It seems that Lee Seung Gi tried to send out a special message through his new album. The album, which is Lee Seung Gi's last full album before joining the army, should be his special present for his fans and Yoona.

So, let's see Lee Seung Gi's message to Yoona again.

"The words goodbye goodbye goodbye. It doesn't mean it's the end. Because we are under the same sky. I say goodbye goodbye goodbye. But in my heart, only you you, only you. We were together in a short time but we have many memories. I was always moved by your unchanged love. Today is not the last day. So please don't cry. Wherever you are in the world, I can find you."

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