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Interview with INFINITE Sungkyu: The group is working on its upcoming new album

Q. You have wrapped up your solo activity successfully. How do you feel?
Sungkyu: It was my first solo album in 3 years, and I did my best to promote the album. Before releasing the album, I talked to Nell's Kim Jong Wan, "I hope I can be proud of the album." I'm proud of it now.

Q. You have double title tracks, 'Kontrol' and 'The Answer'. Are there any reasons you selected the two songs as title tracks?
Sungkyu: At first, I considered 'Kontrol' and 'Alive' as title tracks. However, people said that 'The Answer' is more easy to listen to. After mastering 'The Answer', I thought the sound is really awesome. I'm deeply attached to the song.

Q. Both of the title tracks have gained great popularity, anyway.
Sungkyu: Actually, I thought 'Kontrol' will be more popular than 'The Answer'. However, many people liked 'The Answer' better. Yeah, the outcome of the album is hard to foretell. I'm so grateful for my fans' infinite love.

Q. After you topped music chart show, did you talk with the Infinite members?
Sungkyu: Yeah, I made a boast of it and promised them that I will stand shot to them. I thought the members will never watch my performance on music chart show, but they watched it. They said it was good.

Q. Didn't they advise you?
Sungkyu: Hoya talked about dance performance. He told me that it would be better to show some more dance performance on stage. Well, I didn't accept his advice, though. He's a dancing machine, but I'm not.

Q. You are 27 years old, and the title of the album is '27' too. Is the album autobiographical?
Sungkyu: Nell's Kimg Jong Wan, who has produced the album, said that he wanted to tell my stories through the album. And I told him my life stories. However, I'm not sure if the album is autobiographical or not. I think some parts of the album is autobiographical. After being thirty, I want to sing about my life, loneliness, and happiness.

Q. Don't you have a plan to hold your solo concert?
Sungkyu: If I have a chance. I think I have sufficient songs to sing because I've released 2 mini albums. I have my solo songs that were included in INFINITE's album too. I want to hold my solo concert within this year if my agency allows it.

Q. When will INFINITE's new album be released?
Sungkyu: We're working on the album. We were originally scheduled to release the album in May 2015, but it was postponed. We'll hold an exclusive concert too.
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