Girls' Generation's Yoona calms her short-tempered manager down

On April 2015, Girls' Generation's Yoona visited Incheon International Airport to fly to China. She's so beautiful, huh?

By the way, as you can see in the case of Red Velvet, some managers are very nervous when there are many fans around their stars, and they sometimes shout at fans, while some of them even beat fans badly. They do that because they need to protect the stars(You know, there are a lot of Sasaeng fans), but violence cannot be justified by any reason.

Anyway, when Yoona appeared on the airport, there were so many fans and she were surrounded by them. At that moment, her manager started to shout at the fans with a fierce look. However, Yoona, who is well know for having a good heart, tried to calm him down. Let's see what happened there.

It seems that he's angry, while Yoona is trying to soothe him.

Let's view the moment from another angle.

Before her departure, she personally took letters from her fans. :)