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Is Kwanghee the best choice for Infinite Challenge?

As you know, ZE:A's Kwanghee became the sixth member of MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' to replace former member Noh Hong Chul. By the way, I think much is said for and against it now. Well, what do you think?

Kwanghee's Strong Points
Since he debuted in 2010, Kwanghee has been very active in various TV shows. He's cheerful, humorous, and straightforward. Yeah, he is affable, very bright and self-confident. Many people in show business say he's very talented and he is now considered as one of the young idol stars who are suit for TV variety shows.

And he easily became close to people around him because he is so sociable. He will be able to get along well with the Infinite Challenge members too. It is expected that the young idol will put fresh vigor into the program.

As you know, the winner of Infinite Challenge's sixth man was decided by the votes of the program's members, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Jun Ha, Jung Hyung Don, and Haha, while Kwanghee won 3 votes out of 5 votes. It seems that the members judged that Kwanghee is the best sixth man who can be in harmony with themselves.

Hong Jin Kyung had a handicap that she is a woman, while Kang Kyun Sung exposed his limitation as an entertainer during he filmed Infinite Challenge with Yoo Jae Suk. And Choi Siwon, who did very well in Infinite Challenge, had two problems. First, He's too busy to attend every week's recording, while he has to join the army in 2016.(Kwanghee is one year younger than Siwon, and he has to join the army in 2017) Second, if Siwon becomes the sixth man, it is apprehended that Infinite Challenge will be under the control of Korea's biggest kpop company SM Entertainment.

Kwanghee's Weak Points
Unlike Kang Kyun Sung and Choi Siwon, who have been not that active in TV shows so far, Kwanghee appeared on so many TV shows. He has consumed his cheerful image as an entertainer, and some viewers got fed up with him.

And here's something more serious.

Jang Dong Min dropped out of the sixth man competition on Infinity Challenge few days ago. In the podcast, Yoo Se Yoon, Yoo Sang Moo and he talked about women in a derogatory way, putting down women who talked about their past sex life.

Well, it was August 2014 when Jang Dong Min made such comments, and isn't it strange that the thing suddenly became an issue months after the broadcast? Some suspect that Kwanghee's agency, Star Empire, informed a reported of what was happened months ago. The agency is having a hard time since Yewon was embroiled in a controversy because of her conflict with actor Lee Tae Im. And the agency's representative, Shin Joo Hak is well known for his old fishy style of management. Kwanghee needs to prove that he is the right man for Infinite Challenge by showing his ability in the program.

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