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Interview with Yang Hyun Suk: Expiration of YG's contract with Big Bang and 2NE1

From April 25-26, Big Bang held 'BIG BANG 2015 WORLD TOUR-MADE-IN SEOUL WITH NAVER' at at the Olympic Park’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. I've been to the concert two days in a row and could enjoy high quality performance of Big Bang. Yeah, the concert was great, while the group's new songs, 'Loser' and 'BAE BAE' were really awesome.

On April 26, after the concert, Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, ate meat and drank alcohol with journalists who went to the concert. At there, I could ask him about various things about YG artists. Oh, before reading the interview with Yang Hyun Suk, please check out interesting moments of Big Bang's concert.

Interesting Moments
**On the first day of the concert, TOP seemed a little bit nervous because it has been a long time since he performed in front of Korean fans. He made some mistakes on stage.

**TOP said to his fans, "When I saw you years ago, you were all young and fresh. But now.." To this, the fans gave an exclamation because it sounded as if TOP hated his fans' aging. But he added, "Now you became matured beauties."

**Seungri is the one who sings the chorus part of 'Loser' ever though he is not the main vocalist of Big Bang. About this, Seungri joked, "I think G-Dragon likes me these days. He contacts me often, which makes me a little bit uncomfortable. Well, G-Dragon delivered a counter punch by saying "I think Seungri's voice became sweeter even though he drinks heavily."

**Taeyang and Seungri raised a laugh by squabbling over nothing. Actually, they bickered over who should lead the talking. Seungri, the cheerful and talented entertainer, led the talking after all. Taeyang joked, "I think Seungri is not a good match for me."

Q. YG's contract with Big Bang will be expired in 2016. There has been a rumor that TOP, Seungri, and Daesung will not renew the contract.
YG: When the members were trainees, I hoped Big Bang will be a long lasting group. It has been 9 years since Big Bang debuted, and I want to be with them for the next 9, no, 20 years.

Q. What if the Big Bang members join the army? TOP has to join the army in 2016.
YG: Yeah, besides TOP, all the members have to join the army some time or other. However, the members can start solo activities if some of the members enlist in the army. Big Bang is the pillar of YG.

Q. How about 2NE1? It seems like YG is only interested in CL's solo activity.
YG: CL will release her solo album in the United States this summer. It is inevitable that we should focus on promoting CL's first ever album to be released in the US music market. Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Gong Minzy have a lot of potential as solo artists too. It's nonsense to say I'm partial to Cl. After CL releases her solo album, 2NE1's new album will be released too. 2NE1 will continue their hard work till their contract will be expired.

Q. Let's talk about Big Bang's special comeback project.
YG: From May to August, Big Bang will release 2 new songs every month. And in September, Big Bang will release its full album. It doesn't mean the album will include all the songs released from May to August. G-Dragon has been working hard on Big Bang's album and the album will have completely new songs.

Q. I heard that G-Dragon has experienced a slump though.
YG: Yeah, he has experienced a slump for a year. However, he wrote many good songs with Teddy in the past months. You know, 'Loser' and 'BAE BAE' are nor for some splendid dance performances, but Big Bang will show different styles of music.

Q. What do you hope to achieve through Big Bang's new album?
YG: Personally, I hope Big Bang will win Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year awards at the same time.(I think he's talking about 2015 MAMA)

Q. Some people compare Big Bang with EXO. What do you think about it?
YG: They are pulling in different directions. And they have different styles in music. Big Bang's music has popular elements, while EXO is the kpop boy group who has the biggest fandom. I think there is a difference between YG and SM. But I don't think Big Bang and EXO are in a rat race.

Q. How about JYP?
YG: YG artists write all the songs of their albums, while YG just supports them. However, SM produces all the contents for its artists. And JYP is vastly different from YG and SM. JYP artists are like real family.

Q. Who will be YG's next artist to release its new album?
YG: It's iKON. And Winner will release its new album. As Winner made many fans and won Rookie of the Year award last year, I want to give an opportunity to iKON.

Q. Some people compare iKON's B.I with GD. What do you think about it?
YG: B.I wrote many songs and he is trying to write better songs because it is the first time for him to release his album. The Big Bang members are adults, but the iKON members are not. I have to protect them. B.I has a long way to go in comparison with GD. But nothing in life is certain. I think we need to raise him well. Anyway, there are many analogies between GD and B.I.

Q. JYP Entertainment's Park Jin Young said that the company's artists have to build an upright character. Do you agree with his opinion?
YG: I am not of like mind in him. Artists need to have an aura of power on stage. Most of YG artists write their songs and they are creative. They need to be unique. It doesn't mean the Big Bang members have bad personalities. The members are the nicest guys of YG. If they eat with producers, they are the first to clean up the dishes. They're just good-natured.

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