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Will Yang Hyun Suk make Big Bang go head to head against EXO?

Will Big Bang and EXO, the two dominant kpop idol groups, go head to head against each other? The battle between the two groups is drawing all the kpop fans' attention.

Well, EXO will release its new album at the end of March.(Of course, it can be delayed a little bit. It depends on the circumstances) It has been about 10 months since the group released its his 'Overdose' in May 2014.

EXO's new song 'Call me baby' was unveiled through the group's exclusive concert held in Seoul, and the refined track is attractive enough to capture hearts of teenage fans. Here's the video for the song.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is currently hard at work on its upcoming new album. It has been about 3 years since the group released 'Still Alive' in 2012, and of course, fans are showing special interest in the group's new album.

It is expected that Big Bang will release the album sometime in April, and if Big Bang moves up the release date of the album, the group will be able to go head to head against EXO.

However, it is still unclear that the two popular kpop idol groups will face off against each other because the groups' agencies manage their artists in totally different ways.

SM manages its artists according to thorough future plan. SM has already finished making a plan for 2015. EXO's comeback is a part of it.

However, YG's way of managing its artists basically depends on Yang Hyun Suk's choices and decisions. For this reason, Big Bang's comeback date is relatively more flexible than EXO's. Even though Big Bang produces a perfect album, it can not be released without Yang Hyun Suk's determination.

So, it's up to Yang Hyun Suk whether EXO and Big Bang will go head to head against each other.

There are two scenarios. First, Yang Hyun Suk, who is well known as an adventurer in the world of kpop, can release Big Bang's new album just after EXO's album is released.

In 2014, Yang Hyun Suk released 2NE1's album just 3 days after Girls' Generation album was released. This really helped 2NE1 because the girl group, who experienced a slump in 2013, became even with Girls' Generation after the big match.

And here's second scenario. Without a doubt, EXO is the most popular kpop idol group. However, Big Bang debuted 6 years earlier than the group and has achieved so many things. For Yang Hyun Suk, the battle between Big Bang and EXO can be double or nothing. For this reason, there is a prospect that Yang Hyun Suk will delay Big Bang's comeback a little bit.

So, what do you think? If Big Bang and EXO face off against each other in April, who will be the winner?

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