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Why didn't JYP protect Miss A's Suzy when she talked about Lee Minho?

On March 30 2015, Miss A's comeback showcase was held in Seoul, while the event was originally planned to begin at 4 pm. But, just before the event began, journalists and JYP entertainment talked over Suzy's dating scandal with Lee Minho. Well, in conclusion, we decided to ask Suzy just two questions about the matter.

However, it seemed that JYP didn't say anything about it to Suzy in advance. When Suzy appeared on the stage again after finishing performing Miss A’s three new songs, she said, bashfully, "I think I recently made you very busy. I know you have many questions, but I think I should be very careful in talking about the matter because it is a special event for Miss A’s comeback, not for my private life. I’m sorry, but I hope I can talk only about Miss A’s new album. We’re dating well, and please cheer for us.“

For Korean entertainers, this is a typical way of telling about their romance. The soft sentence contains a meaning that she does not want to talk about the matter any more. However, as I mentioned above, JYP had already promised journalists that Suzy will be asked two questions about her dating scandal, and after Suzy finished her remarks, the publicist for the agency came on the stage and said “Suzy will be asked two more questions about it,“ while the female idol star looked very embarrassed at it.

Q. How did you crush on Lee Minho? And what's your future plan?
Suzy: Well, I think he is very thoughtful and warm. As I made a comeback as a member of Miss A, and both of us are busy, we will try to support each other from a distance.

Q. What have you done in London? And will you enjoy your date very openly in Korea?
Suzy: It was a pure chance that we went abroad for a photo shoot at the same period of time. We just went driving and had a meal, just like ordinary couples. And, I don't know. Both of us have to work and we will date when we get time.

During giving these answers, Suzy said "Uhm" again and again, showing signs of embarrassment. But, staff members of JYP never helped her out. They just looked on her with folded arms and didn't protect her. Well, what was on JYP's mind was that the agency wanted to use Suzy as a means of promoting Miss A's new album. JYP was desperate for the album's success because the agency was going downhill, while it had been so long since Miss A released its new album. Suzy is a representative star of the agency, and it's true that it could be very effective for the agency to place Suzy’s dating scandal at the head of the promotion of Miss A’s new album. But, many people in the k-pop world, including me, thought it was too much.

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