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Some requirements for Miss A Suzy's boyfriend

Here's one of the most popular female kpop star, Suzy. Since she appeared on her film 'Architecture 101' in 2012, she has been gaining great popularity as the nation's first love.

Actually, people in the entertainment world have mixed opinions about Suzy. Some(including me) say she is bright as well as pretty. She is cheerful but knows hot to act in the presence of her elders. But others say she has become haughty after making a name for herself, while there have been many rumors regarding her. Her position involves that kind of sacrifice, but it's too much sometimes.

Anyway, it seems that many people wonder whom the national star dates. Have you ever been curious about her date? OK, here are some requirements for Suzy's boyfriend. Guess whom Suzy dates.

1. The one who doesn't have double eyelid or has it on one eye
It's a matter of personal preference, but many Koreans think some is handsome or pretty if he/she has a double eyelid.(It is because many Koreans do not have double eyelid, just like me) However, Suzy doesn't. She likes someone who doesn't have double eyelid or has it on one eye, just like Kim Soo Hyun. You might hear about a rumor regarding Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun that Kim Soo Hyun and Girls' Generation's Yoona were dating years ago but Suzy won him away from her during the shooting of 'Dream High'. 

2. The one who is attractive and humorous
Suzy is a bubbly girl who loves to laugh. She has a beautiful and attractive smile. Well, it seems that she's looking for someone who can make her smile. Yeah, someone who is sparkle and humorous, just like Super Junior's Eunhyuk. There also was a rumor about the two idol stars, and IU. When IU posted her photo taken with Eunhyuk on her twitter account, the rumor spread through online. "IU and Eunhyuk were dating, but Eunhyuk had an affair with Suzy and IU revealed the photo on purpose." Apart from the rumor, Eunhyuk is an attractive and humorous man, and he is loved by many female kpop idols.

3. The one who is thoughtful
Living as an entertainer is no easy matter at all. Entertainers usually go through some trouble because of vicious rumors, while some of them have committed suicide because people posted mean-spirited rumors and insults about them on the Internet. And they experience a struggle for existence in show business. So, a star like Suzy needs a thoughtful man who can take care of her, just like Lee Seung Gi. I've never heard of bad stories about him. He is polite, kind, smart, and thoughtful. Oh, yeah, there was a rumor that Lee Seung Gi dated Suzy years ago. However, he's now Yoona's man, as you know.

4. The one who is successful or handsome enough
Money can’t buy everything in this world, especially when it comes to love. And people say if you truly love someone, the person’s age, background and even looks don’t matter. However, let's be real for a second. Suzy is a top star and earns more than 9 million USD a year.(This doesn't mean that all of the money is hers) In brief, from a common-sense point of view, her boyfriend needs to be successful or very handsome. In 2013, Suzy and actor Sung Joon, who appeared on 'Gu Family Book' were embroiled in a dating rumor. He is tall and handsome, while he spent years studying abroad in New Zealand and England when he was a student, which means his family is wealthy.

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