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Mystery about Rainbow, 9Muses, Boyfriend and BTOB: Why they couldn't be top level kpop idols?

There are so many kpop idol groups, but success comes to just a few of them. All the idols must compete with each other to survive, while most of them can’t survive head-to-head competition.

What do you think is the most important requirement for becoming a popular idol star? Singing and dancing ability? Or appearance? Yeah, these are the basic requirements for being a idol star. By the way, it is very mysterious that some of idol group couldn't become top level groups even though they have talented and good-looking members.

It has been 6 years since Rainbow debuted, but the girl group could never top kpop music chart shows. In Korea, Rainbow is regarded as the epitome of the idol group who is less popular than expected. The girl group has sexy and attractive members like Jaekyung and Woori, while Jisook is loved by many people, but surprisingly, the group couldn't become top level idol group.

Well, you can say it's all due to its company, DSP media. Actually, the company is too busy managing its another girl group Kara and couldn't care much about Rainbow. Kara has had many domestic matters since its debut, and the problems still persist.(conflict among the members and the members' mothers. After its new member Youngji joined the team, a new conflict was created)

Kara is the company's main source of revenue, and the company had to focus on handling things regarding Kara. On the contrary, Rainbow couldn't be carefully supervised, and 'Black Swan' released in February 2015 was the girl group's first song in a year and 8 months.

Here's another kpop girl group who couldn't become top level idol group even though it has good potentials. It's 9muses. The girl group debuted in 2010 and received attention as sexy and beautiful girl group. Especially, its member Kyungri has gained popularity by showing off her voluptuous figure, but it didn't bring great popularity to 9Muses.

9Muses has a problem regarding its company too. A representative of the company, Star Empire, is Shin Joo Hak, who is an old hand at kpop industry. He has a wealth of experience with producing kpop singers, but some say that he is too old fashioned. And as you can see in the case of ZE:A's Moon jun Young, there have been unseen conflicts between the company and its artists.(You may know many members of 9Muses have already left the team)

It was also unlucky for 9Muses that the company has been only focusing on the activities of ZE:A's Park Hyungsik and Lim Siwan, who became popular through their TV shows and dramas.

BTOB debuted in 2012 and received attention as a new boy group of Cube Entertainment, home to popular idol groups such as BEAST and 4minute. It seems that the boy group's situation is not as hopeless as Rainbow or 9Muses, but it's true that the group is less popular than expected. See other famous boy groups who debuted in 2012. EXO and VIXX has already topped kpop music chart shows many times and became top level idol groups.

I want to say one thing about BTOB's poor results. Cube Entertainment is not that active in promoting its artists. It has top level kpop artists such as Rain, BEAST and 4minute, while it is regarded as the top fifth of kpop agencies. It seems that this kind of situation made the agency arrogant.(Cube Entertainment started to be active in promoting its artist as its new girl group CLC debuted in March 2015. The company is seeking a stock exchange listing, and it has to show its strength as a competent kpop agency)

Boyfriend debuted in 2011 and has been continuously trying to complete its transformation from a promising new boy group into a top level idol star. However, the result was not satisfactory.

Actually, it is really mysterious that Boyfriend couldn't become top level idol group. The members are handsome and their songs are well made, while their agency Starship Entertainment, home to SISTAR and K.will, is proficient in promoting its artists.

Well, the only problem of Boyfriend is that the boy group failed to differentiate itself from other idol groups. Let's compare the boy group with successful boy groups who also debuted in 2011. All the B1A4's songs are written by its member Jinyoung, while Block B has a talented young producer Zico too. Thanks to the two competent young singer song writers, B1A4 and Block could capture eyes of people by releasing many characteristic songs, but Boyfriend couldn't show "something different" from other idol groups yet.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the four idol groups will never be able to become top level kpop idol groups. The groups have a lot of potentials and as you can see in the case of Girl's Day, who became top level idol group years after its debut, no one can predict when and how a idol group gains great popularity."

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