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[Exclusive] YG originally planned to unite Winner and iKON into one team

In 2014, YG's new boy group Winner released its debut album. As you may know, the group made a big success with the album and received rookie of the year award at 2014 MAMA and Golden Disk Awards.

Well, however, it seems that YG's Yang Hyun Suk wasn't satisfied with Winner's success. He announced that another new boy group iKON will debut soon and it was expected that the boy group will release its debut album in January 2015. But, nothing about the album was ever heard again, and it's already March. Of course, that is YG's way how to deal with things and the agency is now committed to Big Bang's new album as a priority, but there are some doubtful aspects to the delay of iKON's album release.

Actually, I recently heard interesting stories about Winner and iKON from people working in the world of kpop. He is a songwriter and choreographer. OK, check out what he said about the two boy groups and YG.

"Who do you think is the most popular kpop boy group these days? Yeah, without doubt, it's EXO. As you know, SM and YG are the two biggest kpop agencies and they're keeping each other in check. For Yang Hyun Suk, EXO is the number one enemy. He really wants to surpass EXO and SM. I heard that YG had originally planned to unite Winner and iKON into one team. How many members does EXO have? Yeah, 12. Winner has 5 members and iKON has 7 members. The two groups are like EXO-K and EXO-M. Do you understand me? However, it seems that YG's original plans went away. I heard that Winner has some domestic matter. I don't know what the problem is, but it will take some time to fix it, and I'm not sure when iKON will be able to release its debut album."

Isn't is a surprising story? If he is right, Yang Hyun Suk is really a scary man. When the Winner and iKON members and their fans were totally absorbed in survival games in 'WIN: Who Is Next' and 'Mix & Match', he might have thought about his original plans, without anyone knowing.

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