Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Whom do you think BEAST's Lee Gikwang loves?

"Without doubt, Beast's Lee Gikwang is one of the kpop idol stars who has the largest number of female fans. When I saw him first, I was just surprised because his face is so small. He's not tall, but his body proportion was perfect. As he's humorous, and at the same time, he's a real man, he is really popular among so many kpop female idols. His ideal woman is someone who is sexy and has an enthusiastic attitude. And she has to love Gikwang exclusively."

Possible Candidate for Gikwang's Girlfriend:
4minute's Hyuna

Green Light: There has been a rumor that Gikwang and Hyuna were deeply involved with each other. Even before they made contracts with Cube entertainment, the two were in a close relationship as trainees of JYP. The rumor is as follows. Gikwang and Hyuna got related when they were trainees, and Hyuna had to have an abortion. Well, rumors are just rumors, but it's true that the two idol stars make a really good couple.
Red Light: Even if they dated when they were trainees, it's no longer easy for them to maintain special relationship because they've already become top stars. Oh, are you curious about Hyuna's real personality? She looks so sexy and charismatic on stage, but before and after shows, she looks just like the other girls at her age. She's cute and uses teenage slang.

Possible Candidate for Gikwang's Girlfriend:
Secret's Jeon Hyo Sung

Green Light: Jeon Hyo Sung is regarded as one of the most sexiest kpop female idols. She is leggy, bosomy, curvy, everything. It looks that she is the one who can satisfy all the physical conditions to be Gikwang's ideal woman. There was a rumor that she was in a love quadrangle with MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Mir, and Lee Gikwang.
Red Light: Jeon Hyo Sung's ideal man is someone who controls her. However, it seems that Gikwang is dreaming of free love and he doesn't like to be pressured to do something for his girlfriend.

Possible Candidate for Gikwang's Girlfriend:
Actress Lee Yubi

Green Light: Lee Yubi, who debuted in 2011, is now considered as one of the most promising young actress in Korea. She caught eyes of people by showing off her innocent but sexy charm. Gikwang and Yubi were both born in 1990, which means they have much to share together. In 2014, Gikwang appeared in tvN's drama 'Twenty' with Yubi's real younger sister Lee Da In.
Red Light: Yubi is well known as veteran actress Kyeon Miri's daughter. Actually, Kyeon Miri has been notorious for getting overly involved in Yubi's career. No man would want that kind of mother-in-law.


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