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Who would be the best match for FT Island's Lee Hongki?

"FT Island's Lee Hongki is well known for his cheerful and straightforward personality. He easily becomes close to people around him because he is so sociable. He is affable, very bright and self-confident. His ideal woman is someone who is cute and little. She needs to have pretty double eyelids and white face. Hongki prefers a woman who has opposite personality from him. And he is very fashion conscious."

Possible Candidate for Hongki's Girlfriend:
Park Shin Hye

Green Light: Lee Hongki and Park Shin Hye were both born in 1990, while the two have been maintaining a close relationship since they appeared on the drama 'You're beautiful' in 2009. Personally, I think they are really good match. Park Shin Hye, one of the most good-natured actress I've ever met, is attractive enough to be loved by handsome young man like Hongki. She is a nice and pretty woman and it seems that her personality is compatible with Hongki's personality.
Red Light: As you know, CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa also has been close with Park Shin Hye for a long time, while there has been a rumor that the two were lovers. Lee Hongki and Park Shin Hye are good match, but it is likely that they are great friends, not lovers.

Possible Candidate for Hongki's Girlfriend:

Green Light: Ailee, a talented singer from the United States, is cheerful and energetic. She easily becomes close to people around her just like Hongki, and she has a wide personal connections with people in the world of kpop. As close friends, Lee Hongki and Ailee contact each other often and support each other.
Red Light: As I mentioned above, Hongki prefers a woman who has opposite personality from him. However, Lee Hongki and Ailee are much alike in character. And I doubt whether Lee Hongki can begin to see her not as a friend but as a woman.

Possible Candidate for Hongki's Girlfriend:
Shinozaki Ai

Green Light: Shinozaki Ai, who was born in 1992, is a Japanese gravure idol, singer, and a member of AeLL, an idol group. As you can see in the picture above, she is cute and little but has a sensual body. She is the ideal woman of Lee Hongki, while he is acquainted with her because he has been active in Japan as a popular star. As you can see in the case of Big Bang's G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko, love has no borders. :) Besides, Lee Hongki likes a woman who is younger than he is.
Red Light: It seems that Lee Hongki, one of the most popular kpop idol star, is too busy to enjoy long distance love.


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