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SNSD Tiffany vs. 2NE1 Sandara Park: Who is more attractive kpop idol star?

Strength: There are not many kpop idols who can sing as good as Tiffany. She has sufficient fundamental singing skills and has attractive voice. Have you been to Girls' Generation's concert? Tiffany is a real presence at the concert because she always communicates with the audience. She has a sunny personality and exactly knows how she can make people happy. She always flashes her one-million-dollar smile at her fans.
Weakness: As you know, she has her man, Nichkhun. Is seems that some of her fans were disappointed at the news that she is dating the handsome idol star.

UK Jung's Rating - Tiffany
Singing ★★★★☆
Dancing ★★★
Appearance ★★★★
Musicality ★★★

Strength: Sandara Park has an upbeat personality and perseverance. Even though she is not as great vocalist as Tiffany, she has lovely voice and makes genuine efforts to improve her singing skills. She is one of the most innocent kpop idol stars. And did you see her perfect sexy abs? After being in her 30s, she's becoming sexier and sexier.
Weakness: Since her debut, Sandara has always expressed her desire to be active in various TV shows. She is much interested in a comedy, but it seems that she is not a gifted TV show entertainer.

UK Jung's Rating - Sandara Park
Singing ★★★
Dancing ★★★
Appearance ★★★★
Musicality ★★★

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