Kpop top3 female idols: Yoona, IU, Suzy vs. Rising stars: Hyeri, Honey's past photos

Top3 Female Idols: Girls' Generation's Yoona

Oh, she is cute. :)

Look at her cheeks! The baby fat has melted away.

Her eyes are shining. I think she was destined to be a kpop star.

Am I right?

She is the female idol star who has the smallest face.

When she was a trainee

When she was a middle school student

With Yuri

Becoming mature, huh?

Top3 Female Idols: IU


Her smile..She's looking at u.

With her brother

She's growing up!

She's getting prettier.

Look at the camera~

She is a real gwiyomi.

Innocent and pure

Yeah, she's a nation's little sister.

Top3 Female Idols: Miss A's Suzy

Can you recognize who this is?

It's lovely Suzy!

Loot at her milky-white skin!

She looks excited!

She's been always pretty since her childhood.

Her sparkling smile!

cute girl~

Rising Stars: Girl's Day's Hyeri

Uhm.. She looks a little bit different. She's cute, though. :)

When she was young

Look at her cute hairstyle.

When she attended an audition before she became a singer

Lovely Hyeri. Chu~~

I think she looked a little bit mature when she was a student.

With her friends

Rising Stars: EXID's Honey

Liitle Honey has beautiful eyes!

A lovely face

She's atmospheric.

When she was very young

When she auditioned JYP

Personally, I like this picture.

Are there any big fans of Honey?