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T-ara's Soyeon: Oh, where's her neck??

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon: Where's my goddess Taeyeon? Is she crying?

Miss A's Suzy: You mean the lovely Suzy, right?

9Muses' Euaerin: Oh, she's serious now.

Girl's Day's Minah: When she was a trainee. Umm, cute?

Girl's Day: They're doing their best, yeah.

Wonder Girls' Sohee: I scarcely recognized her. What about you?

SES' Eugene: I knew she's short, but this is..

Girls' Generation's Yoona, f(x)'s Sulli, and Miss A's Suzy: Who the hell is the designer?

IU: I think she was too hungry.

Sunmi: Her sexy dance.. What kind of choreography is this?

Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung: When she appeared on a TV quiz program, she was asked, "Who is a Korean independence activist best known for orchestrating the deadly bombing of a gathering of Japanese dignitaries in the Shanghai International Settlement in 1932?" The answer was Yun Bong-gil, but she said it's Ahn Chang-ho.(He is a Korean independence activist and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the United States) - Every schoolboy knows the answer is Yun Bong-gil.

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