Girls' Generation uses witty expressions on its celebration wreaths

For Yoona's University Graduation Ceremony
"It's lovely and reassuring. Let's call it Lim yoona."
"Coz you're amazing just the way YOONA♥"
"Girls' Generation, a highly educated girl group, congratulate its second youngest member for graduating."

For Seohyun's University Graduation Ceremony
"We are proud that Joohyun made a constant effort."
"Girls' Generation, the girl group has a college graduate."

For Seohyun's Musical
"If you are curious about Girls' Generation's future, you have to see Seohyun."
"2015, the time when a wild herb becomes a flower and comes into full blossom as 'Seo'carlett O'Hara."

For Seohyun's Another Musical
"Our youngest member is the hope of the age. You'd better watch the musical."
"Girls' Generation, a dullard who has a young promising musical star Seo Joohyun."

For Tiffany's Musical
"We're proud of awesome actress 'T'. She's Madonna."
"Hwang Mi Young, 24-year-old idol star, can always count on Girls' Generation's full support."

For Taeyeon's Musical
"The universe's number one leader Kim Taeyeon, Fighting!"
"Girls' Generation needs its leader's a lot of care and attention."

For Sunny's Musical
"We are Soonkyu's 'Gwiyomi's, Girls' Generation, bbooing bbooing."
"OH, greater than them, 'Kyu'renda(Catch Me If You Can's Brenda) Returns, OH."

For Sunny's Another Musical
"Catch Sunny. Catch Lee Soonkyu. Let's eat meat."
"Girls' Generation, a gathering loves 60 Sunny."("60 Sunny" is Sunny's nickname because she acts as if she were born in the 60's.)