Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Do you think SHINee's Taemin and APink's Naeun are dating now?

Taemin debuted in 2008 as a member of SHINee and has been gaining great popularity as a famous kpop idol star. As you know, there are so many female fans who love him. Well, do you wonder what kind of girl he likes? Let's guess which girl he dates.

"Taemin is a man of impeccable character. He's innocent and good-natured. As far as I know, there's no one who speaks ill of him in the world of kpop. At the same time, he has a passion for what he does. He's no quitter, that's for sure. His ideal woman is someone who is nice and sweet-tempered. He likes someone who is responsible and he wants his girlfriend to love him exclusively."

Possible Candidate for Taemin's Girlfriend: 
APink's Son Naeun

Green Light: Taemin and Naeun appeared on MBC's 'We got married' as virtual husband and wife. Everyone thought that they were such as great couple and the two looked so sad when they had to say goodbye. Naeun is well known as an innocent and good-natured idol, and her perfect look captures the hearts and minds of men.
Red Light: Do you think 'We got married' is real? No, not at all. Check out this article. And so many male kpop idols are rolling their eyes at Naeun. 

Possible Candidate for Taemin's Girlfriend: 
Girls' Generation's Seohyun

Green Light: Taemin and Seohyun are in the same company, SM entertainment. And as you can see in the case of EXO's Baekhyun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, there can be a special tie between people who are working in the same company. Both Taemin and Seohyun are the youngest members of their groups, and a bond of sympathy can be developed between them.
Red Light: Seohyun is 2 years older than Taemin, but it seems that Taemin doesn't prefer a woman who is older than him. 

Possible Candidate for Taemin's Girlfriend: 
f(x)'s Krystal

Green Light: In 2012, at MBC's 'Gayo Daejun', Taemin kissed Krystal on the forehead. It was just a stage performance, but it's true that the two are very close. Just like Seohyun, Krystal is Taemin's fellow worker and it seems that an emotional sympathy has been formed between them.
Red Light: As I mentioned above, Taemin likes someone who is nice and good-natured. But, Krystal has different attractions. She's chic and dollish.

Don't Forget to play the game below to figure out if you can be Taemin's girlfriend! :)

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