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Did GFriend copy Girls' Generation's 'Into the New World'?

On January 15, 2015, a new kpop girl group GFriend released its debut ablum . Well, it seems that the group made a successful debut anyway because its song 'Glass Bead' is quite popular among kpop fans. However, the new girl group is faced with an unexpected difficulty because there is much debate over the originality of 'Glass Bead' among netizens. The Netizens are insisting that GFriend plagiarized Girls' Generation's hit 'Into the New World'. Ok, let's compare and contrast 'Glass Bead' and 'Into the New World' through the video below. A netizen titled the video "Into the New Bead."

"So, what do you think? It seems that no one can deny that the two songs sound alike. But, I can't say that GFriend copied Girls' Generation's song, either. A complicated story, huh? Well, in the world of kpop, we usually call this kind of thing "reference." When kpop idol groups are preparing for their debut, their companies actively search for great examples.(Long time ago, kpop idols imitated Japanese idols' songs and concepts) For GFriend, it's Girls' Generation. But, of course, even though it is called "reference", it can't be justified to imitate somebody else blindly."

Here are original versions of 'Into the New World' and 'Glass Bead'.

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