Can you be IU's perfect soul mate?

"Have you watched IU's dramas 'Dream High' and 'The Best Lee Soo Shin'? Well, IU's real personality is just like the dramas' characters'. She's cheerful and behaves in a pleasant manner. She's a bright and breezy girl. Her appearance? She looks like a doll in person. She has a small face, milky-white skin, and beautiful eyes. Her ideal man is someone who is not talkative but has a sense of humor. It seems that personality is more important than appearance to her."

Possible Candidate for IU's Boyfriend:
Super Junior's Eunhyuk

Green Light: Yeah, Eunhyuk was the one who was mixed up in a scandal with IU. Some people say that he is not that handsome and does not appeal to females, but I don't think so. He has great sense of humor, and at the same time, he is professional and holds his work in high esteem. He is well qualified as IU's lover.
Red Light: The controversial photo of IU and Eunhyuk was revealed in 2012. Yes, it has been about 3 years since then. Even if the two dated at that time, do you think they're still having special relationships?

Possible Candidate for IU's Boyfriend:
Actor Lee Hyun Woo

Green Light: In 2013, Lee Hyun Woo and IU were caught by a camera when they went to a movie together. And both of them denied their romantic relationship. However, it's true that the two has been maintaining very close relationship, and the young stars, both born in 1993, are very compatible. Actually, Lee Hyun Woo looks much better in real life.
Red Light: As you may know, Lee Hyun Woo hosted SBS' 'Inkigayo'. During the period, he became close with many female idol stars and has been maintaining good relationships with them. So, IU is not the only girl.

Possible Candidate for IU's Boyfriend:
Big Bang's Taeyang

Green Light: Since her debut, IU has constantly told that Taeyang is her dream man. Taeyang, a devout Christian, shows great diligence in his life. And as he is a singer who is as great, he is the envy of the other idol singers. He is calm but sometimes enjoys joking around too.
Red Light: In my experience, if a female star really loves somebody, she never talks about his name. She usually talk about "safe names" on TV. And it seems that Taeyang is looking for a sexy woman, not a cute and innocent woman like IU.

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