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Anecdotes about Girls' Generation Yoona's real personality

When she was filming her drama 'You are my destiny' in 2013, she didn't prepare for her individual chair because she thought that she was only a new actress.(She was a leading actress of the drama, while the other leading actresses always prepare for their individual chairs because they have to take a rest at the fields.)

A staff of the drama felt sorry for her and told her to sit on director's chair, but she didn't do that to the last. After finishing filming the drama, Yoona personally expressed thanks to the staff.

Whenever she finishes filming her dramas, she gives her paper cards and presents to the dramas' staff members. She has not changed at all since she debuted. As you can see in the picture above, she personally writes the letters.

In the letter, she said "Dear staff members of 'Love Rain'. Thanks to you, Hana(Yoona's character) could look beautiful in the drama. Thank you very much for your help. I think we should become intimate earlier and talk more about each other. It's too bad we have to part like this. It was really nice to meet great people. Please take care of your health."

She took photos with staff members as you can see above. Yeah, she's really pretty.

She takes off her sunglasses to make eye contact with her fans.

She gives her cushion to the female guest. She is so thoughtful.

She lent her sneakers to Jessica because Jessica couldn't have a rehearsal with her high heels on. Yoona took part in the rehearsal with her flip flops on.

She is helping with the thing because she thinks it's too heavy.

Veteran singer Park Kang Sung, whose son is a big fan of TVXQ, went to the group's waiting room to get the members' autographs. However, nobody recognized him and managers blocked his way. At that moment, Yoona recognized him and took care of her senior singer.

SM's former trainee Jang Ha Jin's comments about Yoona(She left the agency and became a KAIST student):

When I saw Yoona for the first time, I was so surprised at how beautiful she was. She was only 15, but she was tall and looked like a Barbie doll. Her skin was a little bit dark, and she had an exotic charm.

Her face was really small and her eyes were shining. Furthermore, she had lovely dimples when she smiled. 

I thought she was a good-natured beauty. She was tenderhearted by nature and never used bad words. She was totally unselfish and always thought of others before herself. I've never seen her angry for 3 years. She was not greedy, but always accomplished her given tasks. 
She was mischievous and funny too. She was an easy-going person and sometimes imitated comedians. She was a tonic for others.

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