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Popular Kpop Girl Groups Show Affection for SHINee

As you know, Kpop idol stars are loved by so many fans. They are the object of envy and cultural icons of our times. By the way, some of the stars are much loved by the other Kpop stars, especially by the other stars of the opposite sex, while they are called "Stars' Stars."

A good example is SHINee. The handsome 5 members are well known for their kind nature. For this reason, many Kpop girl group members like the members. Female kpop fans, you like handsome and kind man too, right? :) Furthermore, SHINee is a representative Kpop idol group who has outstanding singing and dancing skill. As the group's colleagues who are working in the same field, female Kpop stars sometimes show their respect to SHINee. So, let's see how female kpop stars showed their affection for SHINee. Here are female idol stars' special comments about SHINee.

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