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JYJ Wants to Get Together to the Last Breath

From November 18-20, I visited Tokyo, Japan to watch JYJ's exclusive concert held in Tokyo Dome. By holding the concert, JYJ marked the beginning of its '2014 JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie', while it is the first time for the three handsome guys to hold dome tour as JYJ since the group was formed in 2010.

The event has various meanings for JYJ. As I mentioned above, it is first ever dome tour for JYJ, while the group unveiled its new song 'Wake me tonight' for the first time at the concert. The song to be released soon in Japan will be the group's first ever Japanese single.(It has been a long time since JYJ began its activity in the country, but the group was not able to release its official single album for certain reason)

OK, let's talk about "certain reason". As you may know, the three JYJ members who originally debuted in 2004 as members of TVXQ, filed a suit against SM entertainment, making an issue of their contract year and profit sharing in 2009. After then, the members and SM fought a legal battle for years. And at the same time, the members had to fight against Japan's biggest record company AVEX because the company suddenly cancelled a contract with the group in 2010.(It is highly suspected that AVEX did so because of its close relationship with SM) Last February, JYJ and AVEX finally negotiated a settlement, and JYJ was given a chance of being active in Japan as a singer freely.

At the concert JYJ performed a total of 24 songs including 'Babo boy', 'Let me see', 'So so', and 'Back seat'. The members also showed special solo performances, while Kim Jae Joong sang 'Butterfly' and 'Ultra soul', Park Yoo Chun sang 'I love you' and '30', and Kim Junsu performed 'Story' and 'Incredible'. As 10-year pro singers, the members showed high quality performance, electrifying a total of 100,000 fans through 2 shows held from November 18-19.

At Tokyo Dome, JYJ held a press conference and talked about its concert, career, life, etc.

Q. It is your first ever Dome Tour as JYJ. How do you feel?
Yuchun: It's been a long time since I was nervous this much. I had a little trouble with my digestion and was worried about dropping my microphone because my hands were so shaking. I thank my fans for always supporting us.
Jaejoong: I was nervous and felt uneasy before performing at the concert. However, I was not nervous on stage because the fans in Tokyo Dome were people who have loved us for a long time. They're like family.
Junsu: I always feel great when I perform in Dome. I was encouraged by many fans who came to watch our show.

Q. You negotiated a settlement with AVEX and it seems that your are given a chance of being active in Japan freely.
Jaejoong: For years, we have been left out in the cold even through we held concerts in Japan. The country's media outlets didn't even publish an article about our concert. But this time, many media outlets came to cover our concert. It was awkward but I was so happy. I think many fans might have felt frustrated for years because of such circumstance.

Q. Many people say that Hallyu market in Japan is declining rapidly. But, you are still enjoying enormous popularity in the country. Is there any reason behind it?
Jaejoong: I think we're different from the other Kpop artists who are active in the country these days. Based on the country's system, we began from the bottom of the ladder. Why we are popular in Japan? Actually, we wonder why. I think Kpop artists should commune with their Japanese fans in small spaces, without regard to a superficial scale.

Q. You spent most of your twenties as super stars. How was it?
Junsu: I've experienced all sorts of emotions. It was dazzling but there have been many complications. It will be never-to-be-forgotten days for me.

Q. When are you grateful to the other members?
Yuchun: When something happens and I need to have a conversation, the members are always with me. It is much appreciated.
Jaejoong: Actually, we are too close and we do not contact each other often. But recently, we have a talk with each other and share some strange photos through group chat. The members are someone to lean on in hard times.
Junsu: Actually, I'm always grateful to the members. If I was alone, I might not be able to be here. Years ago, I worried that if we wouldn't be able to be forever. However, I'm not afraid now. When I see them on stage, I feel as if something bursts inside me.

Q. Have you ever imagined being in your 30s?
Yuchun: I feel so happy these days. I feel comfortable because I'm not pressed for time. It's great to perform on stage with the members. I hope all the members will be healthy in our 30s.
Jaejoong: Frankly speaking, I feel pressured about my future because I lived an extraordinary life in my 20s. As Yoochun said, I hope all the members will be healthy in our 30s to be able to enjoy life.
Junsu: For 10 years, I've always thought about what I can do today or tomorrow. But,
before being in my 30s, I became to look further into the future. Yeah, nothing is more important than health. Even if we will not be active as entertainers in the future, I want to get together with the members and live happily to the last breath.

**It seems that Jaejoong and Yuchun will join the army within this year. Junsu will join the army a year and a half later.


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