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How Girls' Generation's Tiffany Communes with her Fans

When I go to various Kpop stars' events such as their concerts, showcase, and fan meeting, I can see how the stars treat their fans. The kpop stars communicate with their fans in many different ways. Well, frankly speaking, some of the stars do not look so kind to their fans and it seems that they take fans' love for granted. We usually say that the arrogant stars suffer from disease of celebrity. 

However, there are not a few kpop stars who do their best to commune with their fans. A notable example is Girls' Generation's Tiffany. She always smiles a bright smile and tries to do something in return for her fans' love. Let's see how she communes with her fans.

Are you here to take my photos?

Ah, really? It's great to see you.

This is for you, honey.

Yeah, I love you too.

You want another pose? Yes, sir!

Oh, you came here to see me too? Nice to see you~

Whoops, no? You are here to take photos of her?

Hehe, I thought you were taking a picture of me. Do you want me to call her?

She is...

Taeyeon! Hey, Taeyeon, there is a big fan of you.

Yeah, right there!

What a lovely and charming girl! Isn't she? That's why Tiffany has been loved by so many fans for a long time. :)

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