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Akdong Musician Kicks Off its First Ever Nationwide Concert Tour

Akdong Musician kicked off its first ever nationwide concert tour in Korea. From November 21-23, the duo held its concert 'AKMU Camp' at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

As you know, the duo is comprised of real brother and sister, Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, while the brother is 18 years old and the sister is only 15 years old. Well, however, the teenagers showed as refined stage manners as veteran Kpop singers and captivated audience with their impressive live singing.

Akdong Musician released its debut album' PLAY' last April. Lee Chanhyuk wrote all the tracks in the album, while the emotional and witty tracks were ranked at the top spots of various online music charts, creating a sensation in the world of Kpop. Last October, the duo topped music charts once again with their new song 'Time and fallen leaves'.

It is very exceptional that teenage rookie singer put up such a great show, and it seems that the duo's pure and unique music has already captivated Korean music fans.

Lee Chanhyuk gave his thoughts on his first ever concert tour, "The last 3 days of concert in Seoul were precious times for me. It was so happy to perform close to my fans. My heart is full."

And Lee Suhyun stated, "The audience listened carefully to our songs and they smiled at me. Through that, I was able to see why I should do music."

Akdong Music drew a total of 4500 audience through its 3 shows held in Seoul, and the duo will visit other major cities in Korea including Daegu, Gwangju, and Busan.

Akdong Musician decided on the title for its concert tour as 'AKMU Camp' because the duo wanted to communicate with their fans in an informal atmosphere as if they are on a camping trip. Actually the concert had a familial atmosphere, while young and old fans cheered for the teenage duo throughout the concert.

Akdong Musician kicked off the concert by performing 'Give Love' and sang its various hits such as '200%', 'Anyway', 'Hair part', 'Melted', and 'Time and fallen leaves'. The two talented musicians' solo performances were impressive too. Lee Chanhyuk showed off his outstanding dancing ability, while Lee Suhyun gave off her lovely and cute charm by performing APink's 'NoNoNo' and Girl's Day's 'Darling'.

There was an special event too. Akdong Musician personally invited a girl who has a rare disease to the concert and presented a special gift to her. During hearing the girl's sad story, Lee Chanhyuk shed tears, stating, "I take comfort from the fact that our music is a great comfort to somebody. I want to continue to make songs which can be a comfort to people."

After appearing on SBS' audition program 'Kpop Star', Akdong Musician made a contract with one of the biggest Kpop agencies, YG entertainment. The duo is still supported by YG, while YG's another talented young singer Lee Hi, who recently formed a new unit HI SUHYUN with Lee Suhyun, made a guest appearance on the concert. Lee Hi performed HI SUHYUN's 'I'm different' and her hit '1, 2, 3, 4'.

Top female Kpop star IU also made a guest appearance on the show held on November 22, while guitarist Jung Sung Ha and Yoo Seung Woo showed a special performance with Lee Chanhyuk.


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