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What Seo Taiji Got from his Collaboration with IU

Korean legendary singer Seo Taiji made a comeback after a long interval with his new song 'Sogyeokdong'. The song is about the story of a sad and beautiful love story in Seogyeok-dong during the 1980’s from the viewpoint of a man and a woman, and Seo Taiji collaborated with young Kpop star IU for the song in a special way.

'Sogyeokdong', released on October 2, was written by Seo Taiji and sung by IU, while the other version of the song, sung by Seo Taiji himself, will be released on October 8.

Well, it's the first time for Seo Taiji to collaborate with other Kpop singer in this special way since his debut in 1992. and let's talk about what he hot from his collaborative work with IU.

Communication with Younger Generation
Seo Taiji has gained great popularity by releasing his hits including 'I know', 'Come back home' and 'Class Idea' in the 1990s, and for nearly two decades, he has been referred to as the president of Korean culture. His unique style made him a cultural icon of Korea, and fans have been anxiously waiting for him.

However, he has taken long career breaks and didn't make a appearance on TV during his hiatus. With young Kpop stars like Big Bang, EXO and SHINee making the headlines, Seo Taiji has been being forgotten by young music fans. In the last few years teens really had a strangle hold on the music scene.

In such circumstances, it is expected that IU, who is one of the most popular Kpop stars of the contemporary period, will connect Seo Taiji to younger generation. It was a superb choice for Seo Taiji to collaborate with IU.

Big Success on Online Music Charts
It has been about 5 years since Seo Taiji released his 8th full album in 2009, and people had high expectations for his new album. So, Seo Taiji had to show off his undiminished power by making a big hit with his new song 'Sogyeokdong'. Before releasing the song, the official from Seo Taiji Company stated, "Seo Taiji's new song will be an innovative but emotional song that has a popular appeal."

IU has been strong on various online music charts, especially with the songs she sang together with male Kpop singers such as High4 and Ulala Session. IU and Kpop rookie group High4's 'Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms', which was released last April, has topped various music charts, while IU and Ulala Session's 'Summer Love' was much loved by many people too.

'Sogyeokdong' went straight to number on various online music charts right after being released, and I can say that IU played a large part in the reason of the song's popularity.

Promotion Effects
Seo Taiji and his company is aggressively promoting the singer's upcoming new album to be released on October 20. Seo Taiji will appear on KBS' 'Happy together' and 'Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook' to promote the album, which is very uncommon for him because he has been reluctant to appear on entertainment programs and usually used mysticism marketing.

Just like Seo Taiji did, unveiling pe-release track is usually regarded as one of the most effective ways to promote singer's album. Especially, if popular top stars such as IU take part in the track, the promotion effects can be maximized. After Seo Taiji and IU's collaborative work was known to everybody, it really heated up the Internet in Korea. With IU's help, Seo Taiji is seeing great results from promoting 'Sogyeokdong'.


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