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The Reasons For Soyou Magic on Music Charts

Sistar's Soyou is working her magic on music charts. On September 26, Soyou released her new song 'The space between'. She sang the song together with Urban Zakapa's Kwon Soonil and Park Yongin, while the song topped a variety of online music charts. By doing so, she hit homers in three consecutive at-bats, following the big hits of 'Stupid in love' and 'Some'. Well, here are the reasons for Soyou magic.

Starship's Planning Ability
By releasing 'Stupid in love' in September, 2013, Soyou marked the beginning of her magic. The song was the first ever collaborative project between Starship entertainment and its sub label Starship X. People seemed to take an active interest in the song because the collaborative work between famous idol star and underground musician who is unfamiliar to the public was a very unusual thing. In early 2014, Soyou collaborated with Jung Gigo in the same way.

Starship entertainment, which was established in 2008, now stands shoulder to shoulder with the biggest Kpop companies such as SM, YG, and JYP. The company has been receiving attention from many in the Kpop industry by showing off its outstanding planning ability. The company always succeeded in finding out the best way to maximize charms of its artists such as Sistar, Sistar19, and K.will. In this way, the company could get the best records on various music charts even though it is not the biggest Kpop company.

Starship entertainment made an elaborate plan and made contracts with promising underground musicians such as Mad Clown and Jung Gigo. And by matching them with Soyou, the company boosted the chemistry among the artists.

Sweet Melody and Sweet Voice
Have you listened to both 'Some' and 'The space between'? The two songs have something in common.

Unlike other songs, 'Some' and 'The space between' do not have high-pitched climax. Instead, with their catchy lyrics about a man-woman relationship, the songs arouse sympathy from people. After Soyou made a big hit with 'Some' in Korea, a song that has a sweet melody and is easy to listen to became a trend in the world of Kpop.

Soyou, who is well known for her sweet voice, maximized the charms of her sweet songs. Unlike her team mate Hyolyn, who has a characterful and powerful voice, Soyou has a voice that can mix well with other singers' voices. As you can hear from their songs, Soyou's male partners, Jung Gigo, Kwon Soonil and Park Yongin also have soft voices that can mix well with Soyou's voice.

Public Confidence in Soyou's Music
Public confidence in Soyou's songs is a reason for her magic on music charts too. As Soyou achieves a success on music charts again and again, her songs became accepted as the music which is more reliable than that of her competitors. As you know, people usually stick to brand names they trust.

In the same vein, Starship entertainment the continuity between 'Some' and 'The space between', stating, "'The space between' is the second story of 'Some'." It was a smart promotional strategy to associate 'The space between' with Soyou's former hit and set Soyou's brand name at the head. Min Yeon Jae and Kim Do Hoon, who are lyricist and composer of 'Some', also took part in writing 'The space between' again to continue 'Some's big success.

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