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"Luhan Shock" Sends Shock Waves Throughout the Kpop World

EXO's Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment, demanding that his exclusive contract be nullified. As you know, it's not the first time that EXO member filed a lawsuit against the company. Last May, Kris brought in a lawsuit and left the group. 

Actually, one of my blog visitors recently asked me about the rumor that Luhan will leave EXO. At that time, I answered "It is no more than an online rumor" because I believed that SM will succeed in controlling the situation. Luhan didn't take part in EXO's exclusive concert held in Thailand in September and SMTOWN's concert held in Tokyo, Japan in October, for reason of health. SM realized how serious the situation was, while the company has already met a similar problem months ago. However, as a result, Luhan's relationship with "others" was more solid than his relationship with SM. Sorry for my wrong prediction.

The Reason Why Luhan Decided to Leave EXO
Luhan and Kris filed the same lawsuit against SM, while the law firm that took their cases is same too.

Actually, the two idol stars decided to leave EXO for the same reason. As I mentioned through this article before, not a few Chinese agencies approached Luhan and Kris with exceptionally good offers before they filed lawsuits. Luhan can have more money and more fame in China if he leaves EXO and makes a contract with Chinese agency.

Of course, Luhan will not say that he leaves the team because of money and fame. Just like Kris did, Luhan will bring up an unfair contract issue.

To this, SM stated, "Through the same law firm, the two filed lawsuits for no actual reason by using the same pattern. We concluded that they are ignoring the understanding of their group and company, and are motivated by personal gains after gaining great popularity through their group activities. We think there's someone behind them who is controlling the situation."

I mentioned that Luhan has a relationship with "others" and SM also said there's someone behind him. Well, the one is a broker who connects a Chinese agency to the EXO members.

Will Lay and Tao Leave EXO too?
EXO has for Chinese members, but two of them decided to leave the team and people's interest is on whether the rest two, Lay and Tao, will leave the team or not.

To say the conclusion first, unfortunately, we can't exclude the possibility that Lay and Tao will leave EXO in the same way. A broker, who connects a Chinese agency to the EXO members, has already contacted all the Chinese members of EXO. Kris was the first priority for a broker because the idol star was EXO-M's leader, while Luhan was the second priority because he is the most popular EXO member in China.

Lay and Tao are not fools. They exactly know what's happening and the benefits they’ll gain from leaving EXO.
Of course, nobody can be certain about the future. Kris and Luhan's cases greatly injured SM's pride, and the company will now manage Lay and Tao by a rigid control. And it's true that Lay and Tao are not as marketable as Kris and Luhan.

Well, it's Lay and Tao's choice. After filing a lawsuit against SM, Luhan stated through his Instagram, "I wanna all of you to know that I love you all."
Concerns Voiced by the World of Kpop
After Luhan's filing lawsuit was known to everybody, I can hear significant concerns voiced by many in the Kpop industry.

Just like other Kpop idols, Kris and Luhan went through tough training for years. They were absolutely benefited from Korean Kpop agency's financial strength and systematic training system. However, soon after becoming popular, they decided to leave their team. Korean people are criticizing their astute moves.
Many in the Kpop industry are worrying Chinese agencies will lure talented Kpop idol stars away from Korea, while not a few Kpop idol groups have their Chinese members because the members are great help to their agencies when they are set on taking over the huge markets in China. Outstanding Kpop stars like Kris and Luhan are the important assets to Korea.

Of course, Chinese fans may think differently. Don't take what I say the wrong way, please.

SM said "Regarding this kind of situation, we'll take active steps with our partners overseas including those in China as well as legal experts. EXO will be doing their job as planned."


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