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Kpop Rookie LABOUM to Make a Comeback

Kpop rookie girl group LABOUM will make a comeback with its new album.

On October 24, the girl group revealed a teaser image for its upcoming new album. The girl group members, who debuted last August with their debut song 'Pit-a-pat', showed off their doll-like appearance in the photo.

A new version of LABOUM's song 'What will you do?', which was originally included in the group's debut album, will be upcoming album's title track, while the album will be produced as a data pack that includes high quality music, music video, making film of music video and unreleased materials.

LABOUM will perform 'What will you do?' at KBS' 'Music Back' to be aired on October 31. Check out LABOUM's performance for its debut song 'Pit-a-pat'.

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