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f(x)'s Sulli Makes a First Public Appearance in 3 Months

On October 31, a press preview event of a film 'Fashion King' was held in Seoul, while f(x)'s Sulli also attended the event as the leading actress.

The film depicts the coming of age of a high school student as he matures into adulthood and discovers a passion for fashion design. It's a film adaptation of the popular webtoon series 'Fashion King' written by Kian84. Sulli plays a model student Kwak Eun Jin, who is not interested in her appearance at all, but later becomes a lovely girl.

At the press conference that was held after a press preview of the film, Sulli stated, "I worried a lot because I have to look ugly at the beginning of the movie. I felt pressure because I wanted to look very ugly. I had ramen the night before I filmed the movie."

The female star added, "In the film, I played a student character who is around my age.  I know that my acting is not good enough yet, and I need to learn a lot. If given the chance, I'll do my best. Please excuse me if my acting was lacking."

Like this, Sulli talked about her movie and acting. However, people wanted to know another story of her. Yeah, about her disappearance and romantic relationship with Dynamic Duo's Choiza.

Through the event, Sulli made a first public appearance in 3 months since she stopped her activity as a member of f(x) last July. At that time, her company SM entertainment announced, "Sulli is suffering from ongoing negative comments and false rumors. She wants to take a break from her promotions for a while."

And then, the 5-member girl group f(x), comprised of Victoria, Krystal, Amber, Luna, and Sulli, had to continue to do its promotional activities for the group's new song 'Red Light' without Sulli, while she admitted to being in a romantic relationship with Choiza and was spotted with him at a vacation place. It's true that Sulli suffered from ongoing negative comments and false rumors, but when she was with her boyfriend, she looked so happy.

So, at the event, Korean journalists wanted to ask her all about her disappearance and love. However, the person concerned the film requested, "Please ask us questions that are directly correlated with the film. If the question is irrelevant to the film, the actors may not answer the question." Yeah, he said so, with Sulli in mind.

Well, actually, it was predictable. As I mentioned through this article, Sulli decided not to give a personal interview to journalists even though Korean actors who appear on upcoming movies usually meet journalists and talk about the movies and themselves. Anyway, by keeping her silence about her private life, she was able to deal with embarrassing situation.

Apart from the issue regarding Sulli's disappearance, Oh Gi Hwan, the director of 'Fashion King', made an interesting statement.

He said "I've worked with the most beautiful Korean actresses such as Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin. But, I think Sulli is the best."

My personal opinion? I think he's absolutely right. Sulli looks even better in real life. She's quite a doll. What do you think?


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