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Big Bang's Taeyang Rises High through his Exclusive Concert

From October 10-12, Big Bang's Taeyang held his exclusive concert '2014 TAEYANG CONCERT RISE' at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. It has been about 4 years since he held his exclusive concert in 2010, and I went to his concert held on October 12 to see how he grew up as a solo singer.

Top-Class Live Performance
At the concert, Taeyang performed various his hits including 'I need a girl', 'Only look at me', and 'Wedding dress'. He also performed songs from his second full album released last June, such as 'Eyes Nose Lips', 'Ringa Linga', and '1AM'. As a gifted singer, he showed a top-class live performance. His dance was powerful and energetic, while his voice was sweet and attractive.

As you know, 'Eyes Nose Lips' is the song that has gained enormous popularity since it was released, and Taeyang sang the song in his dulcet voice, electrifying his fans.

Taeyang stated, "For four years, I've prepared for the album, and I really wanted to sing and dance in front of you as soon as possible. It's so happy to be on stage. I missed you."

And added, "Each one of you is a real treasure to me. I love you. Thank you for all your support. Actually, 'Eyes Nose Lips' is about my real life experiences."

Top-Class Fan Service
Taeyang was originally scheduled to hold his exclusive concert for two days. However, Tickets for Taeyang's October 11 and 12 concerts were sold out in 10 minutes, and his fans have continuously asked him to add extra show. So, he decided to add one more show(October 10).

In return for his fans' such a big support, Taeyang tried his best and offered a top-class fan service.

When he hit the stage to perform the first song 'Body', he was topless and all the fans shouted altogether. Yeah, his muscles were awesome.

And when he was singing 'I need a girl', he said, "I think Korean females are really pretty. I'm looking for my Ms. Right."

The camera turned to a fan girl, and Taeyang told her to come on the stage.(She was pretty and looked like Taeyang's ideal type) After that, Taeyang sang 'I need a girl' for her.

Taeyang also had Q&A session with his fans. A male fan asked him, "How tall are you?" and Taeyang said, hesitatingly, "As you can see, I'm short. But, you may make sport of me because I have an ambition that bigger than me."

When a female fan asked him "When was your last kiss?" he answered, "I'll do my last kiss before my death, Actually, I can't remember my last kiss."

Taeyang added, "The Big Bang members are working hard for upcoming new album. I can't say when it will be, but I want to release Big Bang's new album as soon as possible,"

G-Dragon's Guest Appearance
Taeyang made a debut in 2006 as a member of Big Bang. Since then, Taeyang has been active with the rest Big Bang members and became one of the most popular Kpop stars.

However, through his exclusive concert, Taeyang proved that he can do it for himself. Taeyang showed a perfect performance, and it never got boring, it was really interesting. The singer, who has recently finished his concert tour in Japan 'SOL JAPAN TOUR RISE 2014', proved his rich experience as a solo singer.

At the end of the concert, G-Dragon made a guest appearance, empowering his best friend. Taeyang and GD performed 'Stay with me' and 'Crooked', while Taeyang stated, "Isn't my friend gorgeous?" after the performance.

Taeyang said "I wanted to commune with fans. I played a part in the concert from A to Z. Let's meet more often."


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