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Akdong Musician Shakes the World of Kpop as a Real Akdong

Do you know what "Akdong" means in Korean? It means a mischievous little devil. Well, Akdong Musician's "Akdong" doesn't mean a mischievous little devil, however, because there are many Sino-Korean words in Korean vocabulary and Akdong Musician's "Akdong' means children who are doing music. But, interestingly, Akdong Musician has been breaking Kpop industry's misconceptions about rookie singers since its debut as if the group is a real "Akdong" of the world of Kpop.

Akdong Musician's Lee Chanhyuk is 18 years old, while Lee Soohyun is 15 years old. The duo appeared on SBS' audition program 'Kpop Star 2' that was aired in November, 2012, and has gained great popularity with its acoustic music. But, as you may know, many Korean would-be singers in their teens usually like idol music and want to be idol stars. Akdong Musician, who showed off its amazing creativity through its songs such as 'Don't cross your leg' and 'You're attractive', broke people's perceptions that teens have to do cheerful idol music.

Furthermore, the acoustic duo Akdong Musician made a contract with YG entertainment, home to various hip hop stars such as Big Bang's G-Dragon, Psy, and Epik High. It seemed that YG didn't suit Akdong Musician's music style, but YG's characteristic management style that respects each artist's personal taste generated a significant synergy effect with Akdong Musician, as a result.

Recently, there are not many mixed-sex group in the world of Kpop, while mixed-sex duos are even rarer. Why? It's an uneconomic type of Kpop group, from the point of view of Kpop agencies.

However, Akdong Musican, comprised of Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Soohyun who are brother and sister, showed a perfect harmony and has been on a roll. Actually, Lee Chanhyuk's outstanding song writing ability had a great effect on it.

Lee Chanhyuk wrote all the songs that Akdong Musician sang at 'Kpop Star2' 2 years ago, while the talented singer-songwriter also wrote all the track of Akdong Musician's debut album that was released last April. His songs have popular appeal, and at the same time, have outstanding musicality.

A Kpop rookie singer usually releases a single album or mini album as his debut album. And then, after a certain time, he releases a full album when he is really ready for it.

However, Akdong Musician released a full album that includes a total of 11 tracks as its debut album, while the title tracks were 3 songs, 'Give love', '200%', and 'Melted'.

After releasing the album, Akdong Musician has topped a variety of online music charts. Besides the title tracks, other songs from the album have gained great popularity from people. Akdong Musician was just a rookie, and such a result was beyond common sense.

The duo's song 'Time and fallen leaves' that was released on October 10 also topped various online music charts such as Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Genie, Monkey3, Daum, and Naver, maintaining the top for over 4 days. Akdong Musician beat its distinguished senior Kpop singers such as Ailee, Sistar's Soyou, and Kim Dong Ryul.

Last month, Akdong Musician will kick off its nationwide tour 'Akmu Camp', which is uncommon for a rookie group.

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