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Teen Top Makes a Comeback As Mature Men

Teen Top made a comeback with its new mini album, while the album has a total 6 tracks including the title song 'Missing'. On September 15, the Teen Top members held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about their new album. Let's see how they think about their brand new songs.

Q. You released your new album after one year hiatus. How do you feel now?
Changjo: As we make a comeback after a long interval, I have been really looking forward to the album. Please give us your interest and support.
Chunji: I know our fans have waited a long time for our new album. We've been hard at the album.
Rickey: Even though we have to manage a series of tight schedules, we will do our best.

Q. Tell me about your new album. Are there any changes of your music style?
Cap: During our one year hiatus, we have gained experience through our world tour. We wanted to show something new to our fans, and I think we grew up.
Niel: Since our debut, we sang cheerful and rhythmical songs such as 'Miss Right' and 'Rocking'. However, 'Missing' is a medium tempo music that has mournful lyrics. It is an autumn song.

Q. L.Joe's first ever own song 'Love U' is included in the album. Tell me about the song too.
L.Joe: About a year ago, I wanted to write a song for our fans. The song is a sweet ballad music.

Q. How was your comeback stage on music chart shows? Did you have any trouble preparing for your album?
Changjo: We participated in recording the show in the early morning, but so many fans came there to support us. We were really encouraged by our fans.
Chunji: It was not easy to select the title song because I wanted to show something new to our fans. And it was also not easy to find out clothes, sunglasses and caps to fit me because I'm too small.
L.Joe: It was hard to find out shoes to fit me. (Niel said L.Joe is talking about his elevator shoes)

Q. What do you think about the choreography of 'Missing'?
Rickey: When we performed 'Rocking', we did showy and cheerful free steps. However, this time, we have emotional and sexy choreography.
Cap: When we danced in group before, it was hard to harmonize all the members' gestures. But we will show off mature charm through 'Missing'.

Q. L.Joe and Cap appeared on the music video of 'Missing'. How did the shoot go? Cap bared the upper body in the video.
Cap: I didn't exercise for muscles, but didn't eat before I filmed the video. Actually, it's awkward to act with L.Joe. He envied me for filming a sexy scene with a foreign female, and he eventually filmed a kiss scene.
L.Joe: I acted with Chunji and Changjo before, and it was fine. However, when I'm with Cap, I can't concentrate on the emotion. I want to stay away from him.

Q. On the same day, 2PM also release its new album. What do you think of it?
Rickey: When we made a debut, we were called "Baby animal idol," while 2PM was called "animal idol." It's a great honor to appear on stage with 2PM.
Q. Through your world tour, what did you learn? Could you pick one memorable moment?
Niel: As we could communicate with our fans freely, we learned the way how to enjoy stage. After the world tour, all the members became manly and mature. When we sang a ballad track at a concert held in South America, a couple kissed passionately at the second floor.


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