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Girls' Generation's Sooyoung and f(x)'s Krystal Compete with Each Other As Rival Actresses

SM entertainment's two female idol stars are competing with each other as rival actresses. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung was chosen to act the main role in MBC's drama 'The spring day of my life', while f(x)'s Krystal has been cast in SBS' drama 'My lovely girl'. It is unusual that two idol stars from same Kpop agency appear on major broadcast company's dramas at the same time, and people's interest is on the result of the competition.
The Reason Why SM Artists was Cast in Dramas at the Same Time
Sooyoung has gained her experience as an actress by appearing on tvN's 'The third hospital' and 'Dating agency, Cyrano'. And Krystal showed impressive performance through 'High Kick 3! Revenge of the Short Legged' and 'The heirs'. However, it is the first time for both of them to take the leading roles in major broadcast company's dramas.

'The spring day of my life' is a drama about a woman who undergoes a heart transplant operation and falls in love with a man whose wife was an organ donor.

Lee Jae Dong, the producer of the drama, sated, "Sooyoung has healthy, cheerful and clear image, which matches well with the drama's character." As you know, as an MC of SBS' 'TV entertainment tonight', Sooyoung has been showing off her lovely charm, captivating viewers' hearts.

And 'My lovely girl' is a drama about young boys and girls who are working in the world of Kpop. According to the production crew of the drama, Krystal was perfect for the character because the character Sena is a music producer and 'My lovely girl' is the drama set in the Kpop world.

Lovely Girls' Perfect Partners
In the case of inexperienced young actresses such as Sooyoung and Krystal, it is not easy to do themselves justice without the help of the people around them. Especially, the role of their partners is very important.

Gam Woo Sung, a veteran actor who debuted 24 years ago, stars with Sooyoung in 'The spring day of my life'. He is 20 years older than her.

The official from the drama told me, "As a veteran actor, Gam Woo Sung usually gives Sooyoung acting advice, and is leading the atmosphere of the drama shooting. Even though there's a big age difference between the two, atmosphere at the shooting is really friendly."

'My lovely girl' is Rain's first drama in 4 years since he appeared on KBS' drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' in 2010. Rain was born in 1982, while Krystal was born in 1994.
According to the official from 'My lovely girl', they have been fans of each other and showing perfect harmony.

A Bias Against Idol Stars
There are so many idol stars who act in dramas or movies. However, people in Korean entertainment world still have a bias against them.
A representative of actors' management agency said, "It is really hard for rookie actors to take a chance to appear on major broadcast company's drama because the drama's producer always prefers popular idol stars."

The official stated, "One day, I found a young boy who is really handsome and attractive. I wanted to cast him as a rookie actor of my company, but he told me that he has already been cast as a trainee of Kpop agency. Promising would-be entertainers prefer to make a contract with Kpop agencies too."
In such circumstances, Sooyoung and Krystal need to break discrimination against idol stars by showing outstanding acting skills. So far, it seems that the two girls are doing well enough. I can't say that they are as great actresses as other top Korean actresses, but I found no serious problems with their acting.


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