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Want to Peek Into Girl's Generation TTS's Private Life?

On August 22, The 3 members of Girl's Generation TTS, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, attended the production presentation of On Style's upcoming program 'THE TTS'. The reality program to be aired from August 26 will include Girl's Generation's ordinary daily lives.

At the event, Taeyeon said "As Girl's Generation TTS is Girl's Generation's first unit group and we released just one album, many people would not know about us well. We want to show our humane feelings through the program. The program will include our everyday life."

And added, "It has been 10 years since we debuted and we are like family. However, each Girl's Generation member has very strong personality, and I learn about the members even now."

It is expected that the Girl's Generation TTS members will present their new and natural aspects. However, as you know, it will be Taeyeon's first TV appearance since she admitted to being in a romantic relationship with EXO's Baekhyun, and it may be uncomfortable for her to show her daily routine through TV program.

To this, Taeyeon stated, "The program will be about our new album, beauty, fashion, etc. Even though 'THE TTS' is a reality program, there seems no need to reveal all aspects of my personal life private."

And Tiffany said "Through 'THE TTS', we will show professional Girl's Generation members who are about to be in our late 20s. It is the first time since our debut to reveal our private lives. As we will release Girl's Generation TTS's new album soon, I expect to talk frankly about our new album and daily lives. You will be able to know that each Girl's Generation TTS member has a different personality."

The youngest member of the team, Seohyun, also talked about the program, smiling sweetly, "We usually are not free to wander many places. So, we wear caps and masks. It's very happy to go to amusement park in full fig through the program. You will be able to see minor details about us,"

Kim Jiwook, the chief producer of 'THE TTS', attended the event too. Check out his comments about Girl's Generation TTS.

"Girl's Generation TTS is the most successful Kpop idol unit group. And I think the group is most suitable for On Style's new reality program. The members have many good ideas for the program, and I accept them. It is going to be interesting to see the members' harmony and change of behavior. For instance, Seohyun did worship and sir the other members, but she became to talk to the members using the familiar form later. When we went shopping, Taeyeon was the first to finish choosing her new outfit. Tiffany was second. But Seohyun picked out clothes over 20 minutes."

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